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Below you will find an array of free articles, book excerpts, path-workings and rituals that you are welcome to print and keep for your own use. Most include recommended reading lists so that you may explore these subjects further!

Karen Harrison Karen Charboneau-Harrison has been a renowned teacher of herbalism, tarot, palmistry and psychic development for over 25 years. Her articles here provide an excellent introduction into the subjects and feature recommended reading lists for further study.

» Altar Requirements
» Archangels: A Basic Primer
» Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
» Astral Projection
» The Athame
» The Bell
» The Chalice
» Composition Of Ritual Oils
» Creating Animal Familiars
» Creating Sacred Space
» Crystal Gazing - Part One
» Crystal Gazing - Part Two
» Earth Religions & Ceremonial Magick
» Evoking the Goddess
» Goddesses Of The World
» Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century
» Halloween and Pagan Children
» Health Ritual
» House Blessing Ritual
» Magical Guidelines
» Magickal Gemstones & Their Uses
» Making Magickal Incense
» Moon Phase And Planetary Days
» New Beginnings Ritual
» New Job Or Home Ritual
» Past Lives & Reincarnation
» Past Life Recall Ritual
» The Pentacle
» Practical Magick - Magickal Remnants
» Psychic Self Defense
» Raising the Pagan Child
» Ritual Of Empowering
» Soul Mate Ritual
» Spiritual Cleansing Ritual For Home Or Objects
» Successful Magick
» Tables of Correspondences
» Tarot Spell For Creativity
» Using The Astrological Signs Of The Moon
» The Wand
» Yule and Children
» Samhain - Halloween
» Yule - Winter Solstice
» Imbolc - Candlemas
» Ostara - Spring Equinox
» Beltane - May Day
» Midsummer - Summer Solstice
» Lammas - Lughnasadh
» Mabon - Autumn Equinox
» Lesson 1: The Fundamentals Of Magick
» Lesson 2: The Use Of Symbology In Magick
» Lesson 3: Visualization In Magick
» Lesson 4: Developing The Magickal Will
» Lesson 5: Use Of Energy Flows In Magick
» Lesson 6: The Magick Of Color
» Lesson 7: The Magick Of Music
» Lesson 8: What is Magick & How Does it Work?
» Lesson 9: The Magickal Cabinet: Basic Supplies You'll Need
» Lesson 1: Earth
» Lesson 2: Air
» Lesson 3: Fire
» Lesson 4: Water
» Amulets and Symbols of Egypt
» Herbs of Egypt
» Gods of Egypt
» Egyptian Tools of Magick
» Astrology & Herbs
» Herbs For Spring & Summer
» Henna in Ritual Practice
» Intro to Herbal Magick
» Making Herbal Amulets
» Medicinal Uses Of Herbs - Colds And Flu
» Herbs of the Sun
» Herbs of the Moon
» Herbs of Mars
» Herbs of Mercury
» Herbs of Jupiter
» Herbs of Venus
» Herbs of Saturn
» Herbs of Neptune
» Herbs of Uranus
» Herbs of Pluto
» Women's Herbalogy Part 1
» Women's Herbalogy Part 2
» Lesson 1: Malkuth
» Lesson 2: Yesod
» Lesson 3: History And Differences Between Orthodox Hebrew Qabalah And Western Esoteric Qabalah
» Lesson 4: Hod
» Lesson 5: Netzach
» Lesson 6: Tiphareth
» Lesson 7: Geburah
» Lesson 8: Chesed
» Lesson 9: Daath
» Lesson 10: Binah
» Lesson 11: Chokmah
» Lesson 12: Kether
» Lesson 13: A Qabalistic Meditation, Journey Through the Spheres of the Tree of LIfe


David Goddard is a teacher and lineage-holder of the Western Esoteric Tradition. He was born to British and Romany parents and came to spiritual work early in life. He was trained under the direct tutelage of Elders and Initiates of the Qabalah and Hermetic Art. David teaches around the world, enabling others to directly experience the transformative grace of Spirit. He is the founder of The Pharos, an international School of the Soul. He is the author of The Sacred Magic of the Angels, The Tree of Sapphires and The Tower of Alchemy. We are pleased to present two pathworkings excerpted from, The Sacred Magic of the Angels. For more information on The Pharos please see

Montague Whitsel


Montague Whitsel is an earthen poet and a narrative thinker with deep roots in the western spiritual tradition and broad interests in philosophy, literature and music. He has degrees in Anthropology, Sociology, History, Philosophy and Theology, and has spent many years studying Pagan and Christian symbolism, narratives and myths. He has long immersed himself in Wicchan, monastic and Celtic spiritualities, seeking the wisdom that they body-forth, attempting to forge viable spiritual patterns and disciplines for the deepening of experience and the heightening of consciousness. Mr. Whitsel has taught spirituality on a private basis as well as teaching in universities and colleges.

His articles at this website deal primarily with the Celtic tradition which, he says, “is a rich narrative and symbolic treasure-trove, from which we can learn and deepen our spiritual experience, on the way to Wisdom.” H is e-mail address is

Fran Carey


Fran Carey has been a longtime student of comparative religion, magic, martial arts and Eastern philosophy. She was born in Mississippi and now makes her home on the Colorado Front Range.

Stephanie Sommers


Stephanie S. Sommers has been a student of esoterica and symbology for the best part of twenty years. She has been reading and teaching Tarot professionally since 1989 and enjoys sharing that knowledge and learning more with every student she meets. She is a Wyoming native transplanted to the Denver Metroplex and has been thriving there since 1999.



Nancy Batty discovered Lovecraft at the age of 10 and has not been right since. She remains a lifelong student of the paranormal and of magickal arts, as she has been since early childhood.

Amber Zeta


Amber Zeta has been a practicing witch and Goddess in training for several years. An advocate for women's empowerment, she has recently experienced the joys of bellydancing. In her spare time, she facilitates a Moon Circle and hopes to one day become a professor of Women's Studies. She may be contacted at

Sandra Allen

Sandra Allen teaches at colleges in the Denver Metro Area. She has researched and spoken on the Near Death Experience at universities and private groups and worked one-on-one with those who have had NDEs.

Patty Pietu


Patty Pietu is a life-long student of arts and crafts who has done costume work since she was 18. She comes from a Celtic background and has studied fine arts as well as artistic traditions from around the world. She lives and works closely with the natural world, embuing all of her products with life and magic. She teaches crafting classes at Isis Books, and is the creatrix behind the Golden Dragonfly company. Many of her products may be viewed at Isis, or at

Ingrid Jeffries

» Yule, the Winter Solstice & the Wild Hunt
» The Summer Solstice/Midsummer's Eve
» SkyScene
» Scorpio and Courting the Sweet Darkness
» What to Expect While the Planet of Desire Moves through Virgo

Ingrid Jeffries is a professional astrologer and tarot intuitive offering taped consultations by phone, or in her office located outside of Golden, Co. She also teaches classes in Astrology, Tarot, Dream Interpretation, and Archetype Symbolism. .

Dianna Padgett


Dianna Padgett has been working with the Tarot and thew Qabalah for over 30 years. She has published a new translation of Genesis 1-4 entitled "Becoming Manifest Transformation".

Will Christy

» Talking Boards
» The Sword and Magic
» The Sword and Myth

Will Christy was a long time friend of the Isis family and a student of history and mythology. His diverse interests in metaphysics and the esoteric included: Wicca, the Northern European Spiritual Traditions, the Kabala and Cryptography. Will was a United States Fencing Association certified instructor and taught European martial arts locally since 1990.

Sean Michael Morris


Sean Michael Morris has been doing readings and working with spiritual entities since the age of 13. In his practice as a channel, he communicates regularly with his clients' guides, as well as ascended masters and angels, to guide people toward a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. His deep understanding of past lives and sacred contracts also contributes to the detailed guidance he offers his clients including: higher self communication, spirit guide contact, energy reading and balancing, sacred contracts, past life readings, couple's readings, life path guidance, creativity counseling, channeling ascended masters and mediumship.

Lizanne Flynn

» Reiki - Energy as Medicine
» Animals - The True Reiki Masters
» Reiki Below the Surface
» Reiki - Warm Hands or Warm Body - Which Comes First?
» The Artist and Animal Communication
» The Dance of Canine Massage

Lizanne Flynn is a Colorado native who began her personal journey for energy medicine after being diagnosed with MS in 1993. Yoga proved to be (and still is) her go-to modality for managing her own health as well as deepening her own spirituality. Born out of that spiritual quest came the knowledge that she had been blessed with the intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience (among others) that she uses with both animals and people.

Erik Leslie has been an experienced mediator for 10 years and has experience working as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction facilitator for individuals and teams in the Denver area. He was educated through the University of Denver and received a graduate degree in sport and performance psychology with an emphasis on Mindfulness-Based practices. His business, Focus & Flow, teaches and develops MBSR programs for sports and business teams, military personal, and individuals looking to heal from health or stress related issues.

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