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Universal Goddess TarotThe Empress represents abundance and fertility and wishes coming true. She is our ability to bring forth into the world the physical manifestation of our hopes and dreams. She is the creation of our plans and aspirations. This month we will be meditating on the image of the Empress and the idea of drawing to us that for which we wish. We will be filling a wish bag for focusing on making our dreams come true. We will light a candle and draw to us our desires.

There are many things you can put in a wish bag: stones, shells, herbs and even your wishes written on paper. Gather up any or all of the things you will need to prepare for your wishes to come true. Some suggestions for herbs would be bergamot for creativity and luck, cumin for good luck, a buckeye for wishes and hopes, fenugreek for wisdom and success, grains of paradise for luck and joy, job's tears for wishes and luck, poppyseed for dreams and white willow for intuition and luck. Stones you can add are white calcite for dreams, cat's eye for luck and happiness, cowrey shell for wishes and dreams, opal for luck, prehnite for visualization and dreams and sunstone for creativity and success. And you can customize your bag with things specific to your wishes, of course. For instance you can use rose quartz for love wishes, aventurine for healing, green calcite for prosperity, hematite for removing negativity or jade for protection.

Once you have gathered the herbs and stones you feel most drawn to for your work, lay them out with your candle and some Drawing Oil, a cloth bag for putting your wishes in and a small piece of paper to write your wish on. I suggest using a white candle for wishes; however, you may choose a candle to match your stone, red for love, green for prosperity, purple for intuition, and so on.

Robin Wood TarotOh, no! What to wish for? There are so many things to wish for, what if I can't decide?!

No need to worry!

Our affirmation for this meditation is "What's best for me, let it be." So you see, you don't have to narrow your focus to only one wish, unless you want to.

Next anoint your candle with some Drawing Oil. As you do, repeat your wishes and the affirmation. While you still have oil on your fingers, anoint the stones or the shells you have chosen and place them in the bag, repeating your wishes and affirmation. Rub any excess oil on the bag itself and repeat your wishes and affirmation. (You see the trend, don't you?) Place your herbs in the bag by the spoonful, repeating the affirmation, until you have the bag full, being sure to leave enough room to add the piece of paper with your wishes or affirmation written on it, and tie it tightly shut.

Now light your candle. Study the Empress card from the deck that you have chosen. Hold your wish/dream bag in your hands while you do.

What are the details of the Empress that draw you the most? What qualities of yourself are you reminded of when you think of planning and dreaming and creating? Think about the ways that you can work toward your goals and desires. Close your eyes and let your mind wander, daydream a bit about your fondest wish. Let yourself imagine yourself successful in your quest.

Housewives TarotAfter you have dreamed for a while, wished for a while, filled your dream bag with all your wishes and desires, open your eyes and look again at the Empress. Ask the Empress part of yourself, your higher self, to help you attain your goals. You may then return the card to the deck.

Let your candle burn all the way down if you can, to release your wishes out into the universe. Be sure to keep your wish bag somewhere nearby for the next few weeks to remind you of what you want to draw into your life. You can keep it on your bedside table, in your sacred altar space, in your pocket, on the bathroom sink, wherever you are going to see it everyday and think about manifesting your plans into reality.

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