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RITUALS, SPELLS & MEDITATIONS FOR LOVE: Not just for Singles Anymore!

Affection. Devotion. Caring. Unconditional Positive Regard. Who can't use more of this in their life? What the world needs now is Love, yes?

So this month let us focus on bringing all kinds of love into our world, whether you are single and want to bring romantic love into your life or you are in a relationship and would like to deepen and strengthen those bonds, or you just want to bring Divine Love into the world at large because it sure needs it, doesn't it?

You can make this as simple or as elaborate as you feel you would like, including a relaxing bath, a candle and card meditation or just an affirmation to repeat daily for as long as you wish to concentrate on bringing Love into your life and your world.

Let us start with the fine art of the ritual bath. The first purpose of a ritual bath is to cleanse ourselves both physically and spiritually, as a preparation for focusing on the meditation or ritual we are performing. The second purpose of the bath in this instance is to pamper ourselves with a luxurious and beautiful experience. Giving yourself love is the first step in bringing more love into your life. There are several choices in preparing this bath. You can use essential oils or prepared bathsalts or your favorite bubble bath.

Suggested Essential Oils:

Apple Blossom for Love and Peace
Frangipani for Love and Happiness
Jasmine for Tranquility and Meditation
Blue Lilac for Inner Harmony
Lotus for Peace and Happiness
Narcissus for Love and Beauty
Rose for Love, Romance and Friendship
Sweetgrass for Purification and Blessings
Vanilla for a Happy Home
Violet for Beauty and Love
Waterlily for Peace
Ylang Ylang for Peace and Love

Choose three or four scents that you like mixed together and add 5 to 10 drops of each of the oils to your bath as it is running. (Adjust the amount of oil according to what smells delightful to you.) I like to use about 8 drops each of Rose and Jasmine and 4 to 5 drops of Apple Blossom. When I am feeling really decadent I add 3 or 4 drops of Vanilla and just a drop or two of Egyptian Musk (for lust and sensuality) to my bouquet of a bath. Now light some candles, put on some soft music, sink into the scented water and enjoy some peaceful reflection on the idea of Love and what it means to you and how you would like to see it manifest in your life and in your world.

You can also use prepared bathsalts. Love bathsalts help you focus on all matters of the heart and Divine Love bathsalts help to promote peace in the world. And of course, if you and your partner would like to share in the experience, there are Lust bathsalts for all your wonderful Lupercalian needs.

Next let us talk about candles. You can use white, pink or red candles for this meditation. White is for purpose and peace, pink for love and harmony and red for passion and intensity. Use one candle for your focus, or one of each color. Anoint the candle with Love oil or Divine Love oil, or use one of the essential oils you used in your bath. Set it aside, ready to light when you have your Tarot cards set out for your meditation.

There are three different card layouts you can use for this meditation depending on your purpose and focus.

To Enhance Love in Your Life (Tarot Art Nouveau Deck)To Enhance Love in Your Life: Say you already have a wonderful partner, on what tarot images should you meditate to enhance the love you have? The Ace of Cups, the Two of Cups and the Lovers. Focus your meditation on the ways that love flows between you. The Ace of Cups represents the flow of feeling, the gifts of love. The Two of Cups is a protected and cherished relationship and the Lovers is the Divine connection between loved ones. Lay the cards out in a triangle, the Ace at the top, the Two and Lovers under the flowing waters from the cup.

Affirmation to repeat: "Let Love Deepen the Flow Between Us."

To Bring Divine Love in Your Life (New Palladini Deck)To Bring Divine Love into The World: So you would like to teach the world to sing, or at least be a little happier on the drive to work in the morning. The Ace of Cups, the World and the Ten of Cups are your focus. With the Ace again at the top of the pyramid and the World and Ten of Cups under, visualize hope and good feelings flowing outward from you into the world. See that energy lightening and brightening the people all around you, as the Ten of Cups represents the family of your heart. Let the whole world be wrapped in that love.

Affirmation to repeat: "Let Divine Love Be the Connection Between All."

To Be Ready for Love in Your Life (Morgan Greer Deck)To Be Ready for Love in Your Life: And now on what should you focus when you feel ready to have Love in your personal life? The Ace of Cups, the Nine and Ten of Cups. The Nine of Cups represents a content and fulfilled person, one who is ready to share what they have with others. With the Ace above and the Nine and Ten supporting, focus your meditation on all that you are ready to share with a partner. Welcome the energy of growth and positive change into your life like the Spring runoff after a long Winter.

Affirmation to repeat: "I Am Open and Ready for Love to Flow In."

Now that you have had a relaxing and cleansing bath, chosen and laid out your Tarot cards and readied your candles, light them and take a deep breath, letting go of tension and bringing all your concentration to the ideas you have chosen as your focus.

Study the pictures on the cards you have chosen. Pay attention to the elements that leap out at you for closer notice. Pay attention to how the candlelight makes the images look to you.

Now close your eyes and visualize how you would like to experience the flow of love building in your life. Repeat your affirmation and Let the Love Flow!

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