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The High Priestess (Universal Goddess Tarot Deck)May is the month that we welcome in the Light half of the year - it is the month that in many traditions was sacred to the God and Goddess and the celebration of the sacred marriage between them. It is time to blossom and explore and recognize the Goddess in yourself.

We all have within us the feminine and masculine principles and we each have a spiritual as well as a physical self. The High Priestess represents the spiritual feminine aspect of ourselves. She is our link to that which is Divine within us, she is that part of us that interprets all the knowledge that we have access to consciously and unconsciously. This month we will be opening that avenue inside us that leads to the Divine.

For this meditation you will need your Tarot deck of choice, a moonstone, a silver or white mini candle (representing the Goddess), Sea Mist oil (helping with trance work) to anoint your candle and even yourself with, and if you choose to start with a bath before, Channel bath salts to bring through your Higher Self. Another option for the bath is to choose bath salts that are specific to your favored Goddess. For instance, I would have a bath before my meditation with Persephone bath salts, anoint my candles with Persephone oil and let them burn while I took my time enjoying my luxurious bath. Then I would finish by lighting a silver candle anointed with Sea Mist oil for the meditation.

The High Priestess ( Robin Wood Tarot Deck)Sit comfortably, let yourself relax. Set out your High Priestess card and as you dab oil on the candle and on your third eye chakra, breathe deeply and imagine yourself open to the wisdom the Goddess has to share. Light your candle and hold the moonstone in your left hand, allow your thoughts to wander just a bit as you relax, letting them flow and letting go of them, concentrate on breathing, on the feeling as each part of you relaxes, as your thoughts calm and center, watching the flame of your candle. Concentrating on the card before you, take notice of the elements and symbols that jump out at you. Continue to take deep breaths, relaxing and letting yourself release all the tension of your day. When you are feeling relaxed and ready to explore inwardly, let your eyes close and imagine yourself in a safe, peaceful place. Imagine that there is a door before you, and when you open that door the High Priestess is there, welcoming you through the door and into the place where your intuition rules and you know all that you need to know. Notice what is different or similar about the woman you see before you in your mind's eye as compared to the image on the card you have studied.

Now is the time to ask your questions, ask for guidance and wisdom from the Divine. Perhaps the Priestess will take you on a walk or will show you a movie on the screen in your mind. She may show you in symbols the wisdom that you are seeking. Be open to the information however it may present itself. Take your time exploring the images and the information and don't be discouraged if it takes some practice to relax and let your intuition speak to you this way. You may find it helpful to do this meditation several times, and remember to keep pen and paper handy to record your progress, or keep a meditation journal to keep track of the insights you gain.

The High Priestess (Medicine Woman Tarot Deck)You have been holding that moonstone all this time. This can be a talisman, an object charged with the energy of your meditation. It can be something that you carry in your pocket to remind you to remain relaxed and trust your intuition or it can live on your altar or in your sacred space and help you relax and center yourself each time you meditate. You may find you like to carry it some days and others you want to leave it with your meditation notes.

When you have finished your visit and exploration, thank your inner self for sharing this information with you. Concentrate on breathing deeply, feeling that calm fill you; know that you can take that relaxation out of this meditation with you. Open your eyes and watch your candle flame for a bit before returning the High Priestess card to your deck and resuming your usual day.

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