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The Sun (Mystic Faerie Tarot Set)The Sun card represents a flowering of the inner self, a time when who you are inside yourself and who you are to the outside world become more closely aligned. In other words, the who that you are internally and the who you project into the world become more alike. You truly are who you are all the time.

The Sun (Mystic Faerie Tarot Set)The Moon card represents the balance between the wild and the tame, the balance between our unconscious and our conscious, our ability to use the information hidden in us to support our choices and actions. The Moon is information communicated to us from dreams or altered states like meditating.

You might find it helpful to meditate on the images of these cards to bring courage to change (the Sun) and to discover hidden knowledge (the Moon).

For meditation on either of these cards you might like to start with a relaxing bath to get you in a perceptive state to listen to your inner self. For the Sun I would suggest Sun bath salts (promoting self confidence and success) and for the Moon you can choose Moon bath salts (inner wisdom, intuition) or my personal favourite, Wild Moon (blending intuition and Karmic lessons). For incense to enhance the experience you can use Peace (for harmony), Dragon Fire (Celebration of Life), or Lemuria (Body, Mind & Spirit).

The Sun (Mystic Faerie Tarot Set)Once you are feeling relaxed and receptive, lay out your chosen Sun card or Moon card, dress your candles with the appropriate oil; Sun, Moon or Wild Moon, and hold the appropriate stone in your left hand. Candles for the Sun meditation can be Orange for strength and success and Yellow for communication and learning. For the Moon you can use Purple for wisdom, spirituality and psychic awareness and Blue for meditation and tranquility. Stones appropriate for these meditations would include Citrine for the Sun (energizing and clearing) and Selenite (bringing energy to the body and helping reconciliation with the self or others) for the Moon.The Sun (Mystic Faerie Tarot Set)

Now light your candles, breath deeply and let yourself relax. Study the images you have chosen. Let them seep into your imagination. Feel the light of that heavenly body shining on your face, filling you up, making the stone in your hand glow.

Close your eyes and imagine that light shining from you, filling you up with energy and invigoration. Imagine the image from the card filling the stone in your hand. See the details filling in all the spaces. Find yourself in your imagination in a comfortable place, a place that is safe and that you know you can always find your way back to.

You might find yourself having a conversation with the people or animals pictured on the cards. Know that you are in fact conversing with your own intuition and subconscious self. Go ahead and ask questions; imagine taking a journey with them to see where they lead you.

Once you have finished your jaunt, find yourself back in a comfortable and safe place, that place inside you that is always there for you to learn and grow and feel refreshed by.

Let the candles burn out and then put the cards away. Carry the stone with you for the next few days to continue to bring out the new information you have obtained in your meditation, and to remind you that all the answers you seek are right there inside yourself.

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