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Temperance (Fantastical Creatures Tarot) As the light half of the year comes to a close and the wheel turns to a new Pagan year, we are ready to wind down to a more contemplative state of mind. We are able to take a moment to remember our passed loved ones at Samhain and to start to prepare ourselves for the coming Winter activities.

Temperance falls in the middle of Death (transformation), the Devil (fear) and the Tower (change), three cards that nobody likes to see turn up in a reading but that bring us the most growth and movement. Temperance shows up here as a rest from strife, a healing and restful break from stress and a reminder that fear is only as strong as the power we give over to it. Oftentimes we hold our fears to us in the misguided belief that they will protect us from further negativity. Temperance reminds us to let go of fear - we can overcome it if we first identify it, then let go of it.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and overstressed and dreading the future and whatever might be around the corner, it is time to take a deep breath and invite some temperance into yourself.

Temperance (Gilded Tarot) Temperance is a card of balance, so our meditation this month will include both a black candle to transform negative energy and a white candle for purification. This combination will bring balance, peace and protection. Temperance helps us to overcome our fears and move on, to balance action and thought.

Water can often be soothing both physically and emotionally, so start with a bath that includes your favorite scented bath salt or oil or use Tranquility Bathsalts for a cleansing balance or Starlight Bathsalts to open your awareness. Spring Dawn incense is wonderful to promote transformation or you can light Peace incense for balance. Enjoy the relaxing and healing warm water as it starts to wash away your worry and care.

Temperance (Mystic Faerie Tarot)After you have relaxed your physical self and are refreshed, find your Tarot deck and deal out the Temperance card. Lay it on the table before you and light one black candle and one white candle. You may, of course, first dress these candles with Tranquility oil or Starlight oil, or use Peace oil for balance and calm. While you study the image of your Temperance card by the candlelight, hold a bloodstone in your left hand. Bloodstone helps calm fears and bring courage, so contemplate the card and charge that bloodstone with all the balance and peace and calm you want to create in your life. Take your time, letting your mind wander where it will, and when you come across fearful or worrying issues, take a deep breath and let them go, release them from you with every exhale. See yourself more confident. Create inside of you the image of fearlessness. Charge the bloodstone with all of your hopes for the future.

When you are done, set the stone on top of the card and allow the candles to burn out, then put away your cards and carry the bloodstone with you in your pocket. Whenever you start to fall into the patterns of fear and stress, pull out the bloodstone and hold it in your hands and remember the dreams you have and the confidence you created in yourself.

Repeat this meditation and recharge your no-worries stone as often as you feel you want or need.

Brightest Blessings for a fearless new outlook!

Mystic Faerie Tarot Gilded Tarot

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