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Changes appear in our lives in many ways. Sometimes they come crashing in with no warning, much like the Tower appearing in our Tarot reading. Sometimes they arrive as a gift or a pleasant surprise. Sometimes these changes are something we have been working toward and planning for and are ready to welcome.

The Tower and the Star are like opposite sides of a coin. On the one hand you have the Tower, a sudden change that can feel very destructive when you are in the middle of it. Often it can eventually have positive effects. Much like plowing a field before planting, first you have to stir things up and turn things over before you can create something of value. Sometimes you need to tear things down to the foundation to build something stronger in its place. On the other hand, the Star is immediate positive change. This card represents change that flows into your life bringing growth and energy that you can see right away is making things better.

This month we are going to be meditating on the images of the Star, welcoming in positive changes and dispelling the fear and destructiveness that may have come before.

Our candles for this meditation will be one black mini candle to dispel negativity, one orange mini candle to stimulate positive change and one purple mini candle to strengthen intuition.

The Star (Robin Wood Tarot Deck)Once you have your candles lit and have put the Star card in front of you, study the images on the card. As you breathe deeply in, feel yourself calming and centering. As you exhale, let go of all the anxiety associated with changes. Breathe in peace and exhale the confusion and worry, sending it away from you. Inhale the peace of positive changes that you welcome in and breathe out all the fear that changes may have formed in the past.

As you study the images on the card, focus on the details that capture your attention. What do they mean to you, which ones really stand out to you?

Now close your eyes and see yourself dealing smoothly with the changes in your life, the ones you anticipate as well as the unexpected. Imagine all the ways that this change will benefit you. See the opportunities that will open up for you.

Take your time with this and give yourself plenty of chances to really let your inner self explore the idea of being open to change and growth and new choices.

When you open your eyes, take one more really deep breath and then sigh out any tension that may be lurking still, attached to the fear we all have of change. Know that you can take charge of the direction of events, flow with the changes and find exactly what you need.

Be sure to let the candles burn all the way down, releasing into the universe your determination to find your way through circumstances and manifest the best outcome for the changes you want.

You may want to leave the Star out where you can see it for a few days, just to remind yourself every day that change doesn't always bring destruction, that change can be empowering and transformative and the most positive thing you can create.

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