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Tarot can be a versatile tool for many things. It has long been used to understand the repetitive patterns of ones life, to predict movement of those patterns or to anticipate changes in them. But Tarot can also be used as a focus for your meditation and help you concentrate better on that which you would like to create in your life, your environment and yourself.

Take a few minutes to calm and relax yourself, to put aside the details of your day. Take several deep breaths and feel the tension ease away, letting go of worry and care for just a moment. Feel yourself calm and center with each deep breath in and let go of strife with each exhale. Take your deck of Tarot cards and search out the Ten of Coins, Ten of Cups and the Empress. Place them face up in front of you, the tens side by side and the Empress above, in a triangular pattern. These cards represent fulfillment, abundance, fertility, wishes made true and our ability to bring into the physical world that which we desire. Take your time studying each card in turn. Concentrate on the symbols on your cards. Study the details and pay attention to which ones leap out at you and grab your attention. Next allow your thoughts to center on the idea of abundance and welcoming it into your life at this time. Think of all the ways that it is already present. Sometimes we don't recognize abundance right away, so take some time to remember all the ways in which it may already have appeared. Now combine the details that appealed to you from the cards and the ways in which you have seen abundance manifest for you and see yourself building on this to bring even more of what you need right now into your life. Imagine yourself open to the opportunities that will come your way, see yourself accepting the gifts the universe has to offer, know that you will begin to recognize these chances when they come into your life.

Contemplating these images will help you create in your mind the idea that abundance and fulfillment are yours, that you are open to improvement of circumstances and that you are ready for positive movement and growth, ready for your dreams to be realized. You are the most powerful force in your life, use your visualization to see yourself improving and growing and accomplishing your goals.

When you have finished you can gather the cards back up or choose to leave them set up like they are for a day or two, somewhere out of the way but where you will see them frequently to remind you to be aware and open to possibilities.

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