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To the ancient astronomer /astrologers the constellations and planets were harbingers for the timing of events. It was common to follow the order of the star and planetary cycles. It was known that when the sun, moon, (luminaries) and planets journey through a particular constellation, a.k.a astrological sign, certain activities had a better success rate. Once upon a time, all festivals, marriages / alliances, contracts, surgeries, the planting of seeds, storing of food, and much more, was determined by the alignment of planets and stars.

When the Sun sets in Libra, as it is now, the constellation of Aries rises in the east. Libra is the sign of marriage and contractual alliances, while Aries is the sign of individual initiative. These two signs on the east / west angles at sunrise and sunset, represent the lessons of inter-dependence between self and other. As the nights grow longer in the north, the people of olden times knew that survival during the cold winter season was dependent on ones closest associations. Whom you shared your table and bed with, was of key importance to survival. Things have not changed so much, only now these principals have greater global implications.

Presently, we have two very different planetary energies influencing the day and night skies. During the day light hours for the next two months, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn travel in close to each other. Though we cannot see them, Saturn's presence can be strongly felt in the doomsday reports and negative messages regarding worldwide political fractures, dire financial, environmental, and employment projections, etc. But with the sign of Libra prominent we may find a complementary effect, as people do to the work of aligning together and balancing (a Libra words) these judgments with pioneering creative initiative, the realm of Aries. The realistic assessment of all our working relationships is what we are meant to look at during Saturn's journey through Libra. As 2012 begins, Saturn and Venus will be prominent morning stars beckoning us to be responsible in all our relations. "Do as you would have done to you" is the call of this planetary conjunction.

Rising in the evening, at about 7 PM mountain time, is the giant planet Jupiter. This planet has always been considered a bestower of blessings on those individuals who have it prominent in their birth chart. Jupiter's presence in the evening sky supports meditation, ritual, prayer, connecting with the angelic realm, prophetic dreams, planning for a journey, expansion of perspective, and out of body travel. Over the next two months and during the upcoming full and new moons, many planets will form aspects to Jupiter. These aspects can stimulate a desire to experience something ‘greater’ or ‘more,’ and to expand perpective This can manifest in many ways. Some of us will be more likely to take a gamble, or risk in a way unfamiliar to us, or perhaps sign up for a class. Others may find they overspend, overeat or just over do, period.

Jupiter will be seen in close to the Full Moon from 10/11/2011 to 10/14/2011. To astrologers of the past, this was believed to promote a sense of well being, expanded possibility, and prosperity. This would be a favorable time for the planning of social events, business and political agendas. On the eves of the Scorpio New Moon 10/26-10/28 Jupiter will be rising in the east highlighting what we value most and truly believe is possible… "our aspirations are our possibilities."

Ingrid Jeffries is a counseling astrologer with over 20 years experience. She has an international clientele and can be contacted for in office or phone consultations by calling 303 697-8309 or emailing

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