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November's Sky Scene

Scorpio October 22 to November 21

Happy Birthday Scorpio!

Still waters run deep is what they say about this water sign. As the eighth sign of the zodiac it is associated with great reserves of power. This is a sign of extremes and intensity. Scorpios are very deep, intense people, there is always more then meets the eye. They present a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive. Scorpios have a very penetrative mind, do not be surprised if they ask questions, they are trying to delve deeper and figure things out and survey the situation. They always want to know why, where and any other possible detail they can possibly know. Scorpio's are very weary of the games that other people try to play and they are very aware of it. Scorpios tend to dominate and control anyone that lets them, or anyone that they find weak. The person that a Scorpio respects and holds close to them is treated with kindness, loyalty and generosity. On the outside, a Scorpio has great secretiveness and mystery. This magnetically draws people to them. They are known to be controlling and too ambitious but only because their need for control makes them feel safe.

This month and the year ahead can provide some golden opportunities for this sign. Scorpios ruler, Pluto, is reaching out to Jupiter; whenever Pluto and Jupiter are together, big success can occur.

Mars the planet of energy, focus, and drive, usually stays in a sign for seven weeks, but this time Mars will remain in Virgo for nearly eight months, until July 3. That's VERY long. This will occur in Scorpio's eleventh house of friendships, community, and social groups of all kinds (in real life, and online), and this is the area that will provide opportunities for months. They will start to get clues of this happening soon, too - it won't take long to notice.

Typical Scorpios generally don't like to do a lot of socializing. They find small talk draining, going to parties exhausting, and they put a high premium on being productive while working intensely and consistently without a lot of distraction. Now, however, they must make time to socialize, because some of the best opportunities in months ahead will come through mixing and mingling with friends and colleagues.

November's Sky Scene

The Taurus Full Moon on 11/10 with Jupiter will grace the night sky over the course of the next week. The Moon is at its closest orbit to the earth now, raising the tide tables and bringing emotions to the surface. With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon traveling in Taurus we can expect resources and values to come to the forefront of our decision making processes. A t about a half hour after sunset Venus stands out in the southwestern sky. She shines brighter than any other light. Mercury is just below Venus now but as he begins retrograde motion on the 24th he will sink deeper into the twilight. These two set about an hour after the sun. Mercury will remain retrograde until 12/13. As always during a Mercury retrograde cycle keep your receipts as we are more likely to return purchased items.

The Leonid meteor showers always light up November's night sky. This year's peak period is right before dawn around Nov. 18th; astronomer's estimate about 10 meteors per hour coming out of the Lion's constellation during this year's display.

On November 25th there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun that can be seen from Antarctica but not North America. This will be the Sagittarius New Moon heralding the festive holiday season. Over the Thanksgiving weekend 11/26 & 27 we will see Venus joining the Moon at sunset in the southwestern sky.

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