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Titles: Strength, Power, Might, Din, Justice, Pachad-Fear

Magical Image: Warrior in His Chariot

God name: Elohim Gibor: Gods of Strength and Power. This Can be feminized to Elohim Giborah. Older Semitic tribes, of which the Hebrew are one, had a Goddess of War and Love called Anat or Anatha who was said to be the wife of Yahweh, although another of her titles was the Compasssionate Virgin. Anat did not make wars, but fought and finshed them. This emphasizes Geburah as not the cause of imbalance but the cure.

Archangel Khamael: "The Burner of God" Angel of Justice and Severity, the Angel who tests the purity of our intents. Linked with Sammael, the Destroyer and Angel of Death whose task it is to erase imperfections from the cosmic Drawing board. An Analogy would be that of Resistence and Conduction (Geburah and Chesed) of the Power from the Middle Pillar. Khamael is the resistance that modifies divine power in such a way that it can safely be used further down the Tree as it begins to physically manifest.

Angels of Geburah: Seraphim, Fiery Serpents, the root SRP means to burn by fire, and a Seraph was placed as a guard before the Gates of Paradise after Adam and Eve's exile. Seraphim as angels of flame help us in burning away that which is unnecessary or no longer needed whether it be mental, emotional or spiritual waste - the key is to make sure that they are selective in burning away only that which is outworn. They do not punish, they purify - we are not allowed into paradise without first passing the Seraphim.

Geburah's Planet of Assiah and Mundane Chakra is Mars. In the world of action, Mars gives us strength of will, fire, drive, ability to act and to stand up against our foes. Mars is also incredible discipline where the proper amount of energy is always expended, nothing more nor less.

Geburah is force, might, power and courage. "Nature red in tooth and claw" - this is not cruelty but the absence of Mercy. The Merciful Lion does not eat, and soon dies.

Called the Radical Intelligence, Geburah unites itself to Binah in a higher energy sequence to keep the cosmic order.

Deities of Geburah include Kali, the Morrigan, Athena, Ares and all warrior Gods and Goddesses.

Chesed and Geburah are often worked with together because they represent the extremes of either polarity. Together they complement and balance one another very well to encourage manifestation on this physical level of existence. Their balancing aspects are shown by their respective titles: Mercy (Chesed) and Severity (Geburah). In our next article we'll examine Chesed in detail and compare its energies to Geburah so that you get a balanced understanding.

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