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Many people are curious to discover information about past lives that they have experienced. This information can be useful to release subconscious blockages, to understand our interactions with important people in our current life, to bring to flower untapped talents and for simply knowing more about one's self and one's spiritual journey. With the Sun in Aquarius for half of February and then Pisces in the other half, this is a perfect time to make these past life discoveries. Here's a ritual to help you obtain that information!

Reincarnation is viewed in various ways by different religious groups:

This ritual is best performed on a Monday (day of the Moon and the subconscious) or Saturday (day of Saturn and understanding karma). Be sure that you plan your ritual so that you will have quiet and privacy, unplugging the phone and taking care of any other possible interruptions. Do not eat much this day - fruits and raw vegetables, light on the coffee or other stimulants. Have a journal and pen ready to record information and impressions. Your tools for tonight's work are 2 purple candles, a mirror and Past Life incense and oil. Set up an altar that is large enough that you can sit at it in a chair and large enough to set your candles, the mirror on a stand, an incense burner and your journal. Cast your circle in your usual manner. Anoint the purple candles with Past Life oil from the bottom of the candle to the wick*. Light the candles and then your incense charcoal* from one of the candle flames. Place a little Past Life incense on the charcoal and settle back in your chair quietly. Begin breathing slowly and deeply. With each exhalation, feel all stress and nervousness flow out of your body. With each inhalation, feel your body become heavier and more relaxed. Breathe in this manner until your legs feel very heavy, almost physically connected to the earth and to your chair and you feel mentally relaxed and focused. Begin by gazing at your face in the mirror. Let your eyes unfocus slightly, placing their gaze in the center of your face in the mirror but not concentrating on any one facial feature. After a very short while (so long as you stay mentally and physically relaxed) you will find that the face in the mirror begins to morph, to change sometimes just slightly, sometimes dramatically. You may notice the hair around the face is different as well or has a hat, garland or crown on it. You may also notice that the new face in the mirror is a different gender, culture or age than you are currently. As you see your face changing do not allow yourself to shock your consciousness back to a normal state by being surprised. Just go with the changes and ask yourself, either silently or out loud, "what is the name?" Continue asking questions regarding place, time, relatives, the karmic lesson to be learned from this life, etc. You may find that during one session your face may change several times or it may stay with just the first change. If you have several changes, ask the questions to get information about the identity, place and time of each face. When the face in the mirror changes back to the one you have in this life or you become tired, begin writing down all of your impressions and the answers to your questions. When you are finished, put out your candles and use them later only for this same ritual. You will need to either go immediately to bed or ground yourself thoroughly by eating a meal. You may find that in the dreams you have in the next few nights that you get more information or that as you are occupied in your day-to-day life, you suddenly get another piece of information. Add this to your journal and note where you were and what you were doing when the information came.

*ANOINTING CANDLES - When you are performing a ceremony to bring something to you, you will anoint your candle from the wick down so that as the candle burns down your desire will be drawn to you. When you are doing something to bring something out of your deep mind like psychic knowledge or past life information you will anoint the candle from the bottom up to the wick, to draw it out.

* INCENSE CHARCOAL: It is always a good idea to use an insulating material in your burner because the charcoals get very hot! Fill the burner up half way with an insulating material like sand, potting soil or kitty litter and flatten the surface so the charcoal will lay flat. Holding the charcoal between two fingers, light one end and let it spark completely across. When the sparks are almost at your fingers, place the charcoal, divot side up, on the sand. Do not smother the charcoal with incense - put a pinch on at a time. A charcoal can burn for several hours, so once you have finished your ritual, just leave the charcoal safely in the incense burner and dispose of the ashes the next day. Be sure that you close off the room so that small children or animals don't knock it over and start a fire.

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