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Moon Magick Products

Moon Magick has been a leading manufacturer of magickal products. All items are 100% natural and are made on the proper planetary day and moon cycle by experienced alchemists. Click on specific varieties above or below.

Ritual Oils are made from blends of essential oils in a sweet almond base. They traditionally have been used to dress candles, anoint the energy centers of the body, and consecrate power objects.

Bath Salts are traditionally used in the ritual bath to purify the body and aura and to set up a specific vibration in the body energy field.
Incense is traditionally used to effect the psychic consciousness as well as to aid the occultist in changing the environment in response to directed Will. It has been used directly to alter the energy patterns for a ritual working as well as an offeratory to the Gods. MOON MAGICK incenses are made in the old ways, with gums and resins, flowers, barks, roots, leaves and essential oils. There is no igniter mixed into the incense which would spoil its purity, therefore MOON MAGICK incenses must be burned on incense charcoal. Herbal Amulets typically are placed with power objects, kept on the person, placed in the car or charged during ritual or meditation for a specific purpose.

Massage Oils are made with a sweet almond base enriched with lecithin which makes for a light and sensual massage. Available in most all of our essential oil fragrances. Featured here are some of our more popular varieties.