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Calm your mind, sharpen your focus, and expand your awareness with the power of meditation. Llewellyns Little Book of Meditation is your ideal introduction to using meditative practices to improve your life. Explore the origins of meditation, the different types and how to use them, how to overcome any difficulties, and more.

The fifth book in Llewellyns little book series, this pocket-sized, hardcover guide is packed with ways to help you develop your meditation practice, including hands-on exercises, tips for working with a specific intention, and instructions for helping children use meditation.
365 ways to Go, Grow & Glow to Make this Your Best Year Yet

Begin each day with brightening and enlightening insights and affirmations designed to lift your inner clouds and reveal your radiant self. Bestselling author and dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden has created 365 insights to help you start every day the luminous way. Plug into your higher consciousness, level-up how you treat yourself and others, and remember who you are, why you're here, and how to fulfill your covenant for being on the planet at this exceptional time.

Humans are habit makers, and our rituals are the foundation of our lives. The way we start our day can throw obstacles in our path or grease the wheels of our most luminous lives. This high-energy book of days teaches you to alchemize your thinking, vitalize your soul, and be the light in your life.
Karma: the consequence of all of your actions, decisions, thoughts, and emotions. According to Thomas Ashley-Farrand, karmic patterns from the past are always with you, affecting everything you dofor better or for worse. With Mantra Meditation, you will learn how to use genuine Sanskrit mantras to balance your chakras (your bodys seven spinning energy centers) to dissolve negative karma.

When you begin to chant these ancient formulas, teaches Ashley-Farrand, the petals on your chakras begin to resonate, and they pull in spiritual energy. With Mantra Meditationdesigned as a 40-day practice or a lifelong toolyour spiritual energy grows, your karma disperses, and your path clears to bring you everything you desire through the fusing of your own efforts and the infinite generosity of the universe.
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Some people think meditation is something that takes years to learn. The truth is, its a very natural state of awareness that can be developed in just a few minutes each day. The benefits of meditation are infinite!

  • Develop concentration
  • Learn to focus your attention
  • Relax your body and mind quickly and easily
  • Release fears
  • Increase your health and wellness
  • Exchange old habits for new ones
  • Identify personal goals and aspirations
  • Discover which meditation method works best for you

  • Six guided meditations on the included CD and simple instruction from the popular teacher make meditation easy to learn and practice regularly. FIND YOUR WAY INTO THE SPACE BETWEEN THOUGHTS & ACTIONS

    Bring More Peace and Fulfillment into Your Life by Creating an Internal Space of Tranquility

    Transform how you react to stressful situations by building a calm mental space to unpack your thoughts and emotions. Your inner place of calm lies in the gap between negative thoughts and actions, and once you reach it, you can turn tension into lasting joy and peace.

    With hands-on exercises, techniques, and examples from his professional practice, A. Paul Miller shows how to cultivate deep inner wisdom that will sustain you long after your meditation session has ended. He guides you through a personalized system of awareness, action, and change that leads to the meditative feeling of tranquil centeredness. The Mindful Place of Calm teaches you how to achieve this feeling wherever you go and whenever you need it.
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    Our Price: $16.95
    An Invitation to the Practice of Mindfulness

    We may long for wholeness, suggests Jon Kabat-Zinn, but the truth is that it is already here and already ours. The practice of mindfulness holds the possibility of not just a fleeting sense of contentment, but a true embracing of a deeper unity that envelops and permeates our lives. With Mindfulness for Beginners you are invited to learn how to transform your relationship to the way you think, feel, love, work, and playand thereby awaken to and embody more completely who you really are.

    Here, the teacher, scientist, and clinician who first demonstrated the benefits of mindfulness within mainstream Western medicine offers a book that you can use in three unique ways: as a collection of reflections and practices to be opened and explored at random; as an illuminating and engaging start-to-finish read; or as an unfolding lesson-a-day primer on mindfulness practice.

    Beginning and advanced meditators alike will discover in these pages a valuable distillation of the key attitudes and essential practices that Jon Kabat-Zinn has found most useful with his students, including:

  • Why heartfulness is synonymous with true mindfulness
  • The value of coming back to our bodies and to our senses over and over again
  • How our thoughts self-liberate when touched by awareness
  • Moving beyond our story into direct experience
  • Stabilizing our attention and presence amidst daily activities
  • The three poisons that cause sufferingand their antidotes
  • How mindfulness heals, even after the fact
  • Reclaiming our wholeness, and more

  • The prescription for living a more mindful life seems simple enough: return your awareness again and again to whatever is going on. But if you’ve tried it, you know that here is where all the questions and challenges really begin. Mindfulness for Beginners provides welcome answers, insights, and instruction to help us make that shift, moment by moment, into a more spacious, clear, reliable, and loving connection with ourselves and the world.
    A traumatic way of life: First responders have the incredibly difficult job of running toward danger while the rest of us run away. No training can prepare them for what they will see and endure. Kim Colegrove understands what it’s like to watch someone go through that. After 30 years in law enforcement, her husband took his own life. This agonizing experience opened Kim’s eyes to the desperate need for an effective form of stress-relief and support for first responders. The Transformative Practice of Meditating with Beads

    Learn how to use meditation beads to cultivate love, transformation, and peace in your life. Meditation beads are spiritual tools that can change your life today. Exploring practices that have been used around the world for thousands of years, this book helps you get started with meditation beads or bring your current meditation practice to a higher level.

    Mindfulness and meditation are proven methods for stress relief, self-care, personal growth, and spiritual insights. Modern Guide to Meditation Beads explores the history and symbolism of this practice, and it shows you how to choose beads or make your own meditation bracelets and necklaces. Author Shannon Yrizarry provides hands-on tips and techniques for using them in meditation, and she explores how to integrate essential oils, astrology, crystals, spells, and numerology into your practice. You will discover how to use mantras and affirmations and what to do if your meditation beads break. With this book as your guide, you will learn how to practice one of the world's most popular spiritual practices with profound personal results.
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    101 Guided Meditations to Relax, Heal, and Engage with Spirit

    Journey within, exploring personal growth and wellbeing via this book's collection of easy-to-follow, experiential meditations. Even if you've questioned your ability to meditate due to poor concentration, Modern Meditations has an array of methods to keep you engaged. Here, you will find the tools and techniques to effortlessly enter deep, revealing states of consciousness.

    Murray du Plessis shows how to meditate effectively through creative thinking, rather than emptiness of mind. Organized into twelve spiritual fieldsincluding relaxation, healing, abundance, and transformationModern Meditations helps you easily find the meditation that matches your needs. This comprehensive guide encourages inner adventure and discovery through walking meditations, energy work, visualizations, affirmations, and explorations of dimensions both within and beyond. Murray's guided commentaries offer colorful pathways back to your essence, inspiring a world of peace, love, and happiness within.
    The definitive book of meditation that will help you achieve new dimensions of stress-free living

    For the past thirty years, Deepak Chopra has been at the forefront of the meditation revolution in the West. Total Meditation offers a complete exploration and reinterpretation of the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual benefits that this practice can bring. Deepak guides readers on how to wake up to new levels of awareness that will ultimately cultivate a clear vision, heal suffering in your mind and body, and help recover who you really are. Readers will undergo a transformative process, which will result in an awakening of the body, mind, and spirit that will allow you to live in a state of open, free, creative, and blissful awareness twenty-four hours a day.

    With this book, Deepak elevates the practice of meditation to a life-changing quest for higher consciousness and a more fulfilling existence. He also incorporates new research on meditation and its benefits, provides practical awareness exercises, and concludes with a 52-week program of meditations to help revolutionize every aspect of your life.

    Elevate Your Spirit with Cannabis

    Wake, Bake & Meditate is a guide to using cannabis to enhance your sense of spirituality. Whether you want to use cannabis to have peak experiences, find your bliss, send healing energy into your body, or make contact with the divine, author Kerri Connor provides easy step-by-step instructions to show you how.

    These accessible guided meditations provide transformative experiences whether youre just beginning your spiritual journey or have been practicing for years. In this book, you will discover helpful strain recommendations for specific intentions as well as tips and advice for getting started as a solo practitioner, with a partner, or in a group setting.

    Wake, Bake & Meditate also includes recipes for cannabis-infused dishes and drinks that support spiritual and emotional elevation. No matter where you are on your path or what your spiritual goals may be, the techniques and meditations in this book will uplift your soul.
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    Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and one of his first students, Nguyen Anh-Huong, offer a different path to mindfulness. Through Walking Meditation, you’ll learn that insight, joy, and tranquility are available to you no matter where you are or what you’re doing.