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Ecstasy Awaits

Would you like to experience erotic sex like never before? Go beyond pleasure to find true bliss? Connect with your lover to reach new levels of spiritual ecstasy? Enjoy all of this and more as you discover the depths of Tantric sex.

With a daily practice averaging just 20 minutes, 28 Days to Ecstasy offers the perfect way to fit Tantra into your busy life. Short on time or away from your partner? Try fifty quick exercises designed to keep your passion white-hot.

Clear illustrations and numbered steps show you exactly how to perform each blissful lesson. As you move through each day of the plan, youll learn many sexy techniques to thrill your lover:

 Extend your lovemaking sessions to several hours by controlling your sexual energy
 Explore new ways to deepen intimacy with Kama Sutra positions
 Create multiple orgasms for you and your partner
 Increase your sexual fitness with pleasure-enhancing toning exercises
 Keep your bedroom hot with sexual role-play and fantasy games
 Bring your lover to peaks of excitement with erotic massage

. . . and enjoy the most intensely pleasurable sex you have ever experienced!

Master the art of sex magic to forge radical new relationships with yourself, your beloveds, our planet, and life itself.

This groundbreaking book invites you to develop intimacies that are as creative as they are consensual, as playful as they are profound, as transformative as they are ecstatic. It offers fresh and accessible inspiration on topics such as self-love, conscious communication, and sacred sex, and includes practices and rituals for erotic shapeshifting, ecosexuality, ecstatic breathwork, and so much more.

Igniting Intimacy is for individuals and partners of all genders, orientations, and bodies whove always known theres something more to sex, love, and being alive. It is an erotic playbook that demonstrates that the only tools you really need to have sex, meet god, and make magic are the ability to breathe and a willing imagination! An essential manual for pleasure pioneers hoping to change themselves, their relationships, and our world one orgasm at a time.
Sexual frankness without a hint of guilt or prurience is the great legacy which the Eastern, and in particular Indian, traditions have given us. As an expression of human culture, and as a pillow book for the modern boudoir, the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana the most famous work on sex ever written the Ananga-Ranga of Kalyana Malla, and Sheikh Nefzais Perfumed Garden, set forth the principles of sensual pleasure with poetry, wisdom, and humor, celebrating love as an ecstatic expression of lifes beauty.

Here, for the first time, Sir Richard Burtons translations of the classic Eastern love texts have been published in one volume.

The first Kama Sutra to be illustrated in color with a dazzling and unique collection of Indian painting and sculpture.

These erotic treatises are not sex manuals in the modern sense clinical collections of coital postures but a broader and more humane exploration of Eastern sexual customs.
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A tantric massage practice for awakening and honoring male creative energy and allowing a man conscious, loving contact with his own masculinity

  • Empowers men to expand and deepen their experience of arousal and sensuality
  • Demonstrates how deep relaxation is important to a strong and lasting erection
  • Shows how the lingam connects a man to his dynamic strength while the prostate is linked to his more receptive side

    Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male generative organ, the penis. In India, the lingam is revered as an expression of Shiva’s clarity, symbolizing the fine sword that differentiates between truth and falsehood. The goal of a lingam massage is to provide a man conscious, loving contact with his own masculinity. Western cultural expectations around sexual performance have created sexual difficulties for many men, including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Through loving touch, lingam massage provides the deep relaxation that supports sustained erection, putting a man in touch with less familiar aspects of his sexuality, including the energetic responses of his perineum, prostate gland, and anus.

    Lingam massage is not simply a hands-on technique but involves the conscious direction of energy throughout the body. It allows men to savor longer, deeper orgasms and teaches taoist and tantric practices for conserving sexual energy. Over time, as his consciousness deepens, these practices give a man complete control over his ejaculation.
  • Designed to guide the reader on a journey into their own sacred sexual awakening, this book shares true stories of sexual awakening from 20 visionary pioneers in the sexual shamanism movement. The stories reveal intimate details from these sex shamans’ journeys and each is accompanied by an in-depth embodiment exercise with step-by-step instructions. A GROUNDBREAKING LOOK AT THE CHEMISTRY OF SEXUAL ELECTRICITY

    The definitive guide to sexual pleasure that will transform your lovemaking into something supernatural every time

    Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex is an operation manual for generating powerful sexual energy. When you master the revolutionary techniques within, you too can flood your body and soul with sensational streams of electromagnetic passion. Now is the best time to learn how to soar on erotic updrafts that will take you to a higher realm of sacred sex. Not only will your ultimate climax be more powerful, but you and your partner will float in a lasting state of ecstasy in a rare orbit of divine communion together.

    When you know how to power-up your sexual electricity system using the time-honored techniques of Tantra, you can achieve a continuously orgasmic state of shared passion known as supernatural sex. This groundbreaking guidebook reveals dozens of erogenous zones so you can experience the many different kinds of orgasm. Discover how to hit the sweet spots to unleash vast tides of dormant sexual energy. Explore more than sixty exercises designed to help you liberate vast oceans of kundalini, the spiritual force that supports the blending of hearts and the merging of souls.
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    Rooted in Chinese energy medicine, Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao practices, and ancient Taoist traditions, Minke de Vos provides detailed practices for cultivating female sexual energy to ease the passage through the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause; to harmonize relationships and to merge your inner male and female energies.
    A tantric massage practice for awakening and enhancing women’s innate sensual, emotional, and spiritual energies

    Provides emotional healing by releasing traumatic memories stored in the yoni

    Includes exercises that use sexual energy to cleanse and stimulate the chakras

    Empowers women to draw strength and radiant vitality from the restored connection to their innermost core

    Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitalia, describing not only the anatomy but also encompassing the energetic and spiritual dimensions. While a yoni massage offers women the opportunity to enhance their sexuality, Michaela Riedl shows that the effects of this practice are much more profound and have ramifications affecting every area of life. Long held inhibitions in the West about sexuality and the shame and guilt associated with the sexual zones of the body have created deep-seated barriers that prevent individuals from fully expressing themselves. The practices provided in Yoni Massage are designed to allow women to overcome these barriers and reconnect to their innermost core and deepest feminine nature.

    Yoni massage is not simply a hands-on technique but involves the conscious direction of energy throughout the body through deep breathing and visualization. It provides women the ability to cleanse and energetically stimulate the chakras as well as achieve emotional healing by releasing the traumatic pain that often becomes seated in the yoni. The author explains that the relegation of this important spiritual and energetic center to a private part hinders the process of enlightenment. Once women are able to be in touch with their yoni energy, their connection to the entire web of life is restored to its rightful place.  

    Author Info:  Michaela Riedl studied tantric massage at the Diamond Lotus Institute in Berlin and then refined the yoni and lingam massage techniques developed by Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer, founder of the Erospirit Research Institute in California. She directs the AnandaWave Massage Center in Cologne, Germany, which offers workshops in tantric massage as well as seminars and counseling for experiencing sexuality in a healing way.