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Dragons have existed in the human psyche as long as there has been such a thing as human psyche. The most ancient human cultures had stories about Dragons, all the way back to ancient India, Africa, The Far East and even the early people of the Americas. Scientists theorize that the reason that Dragons make an appearance on all the major continents is that the Dragon is a composite of predators that ancient people feared. Theory says that the Dragon is made up of components of the leopard, eagle and snake, any one of which could spell trouble for a human caught unaware. Stories were created as warning to avoid the danger of these creatures, and eventually the Dragon emerged from the stories as a single beast all its own.

Each group of ancient people described their Dragon in their own way. Chinese Dragons are often more serpent like and are rulers of weather and water. Japanese Dragons were often benevolent and might have occasionally granted wishes. Scandinavian and Germanic Dragons may or may not have had wings or even legs and often symbolized pestilence and stole cattle to eat, yet were considered good luck. Slavic and Romanian Dragons both had multiple heads, but the Slavic breathed fire and the Romanian had fins. The feathered serpent of the Americas was a symbol of death and resurrection. Both Persian and Oriental Dragons were involved in the Creation Myths of those peoples. In Sumerian myth, the body of a Dragon was used to create the very world itself. In Australian Aboriginal myths the Rainbow Serpent was both feared and respected as it was associated with the creation of water holes and river courses, very important to people living in the arid outback. In Greek Mythology, Dragons were often guardians of treasure of some kind.

Now in modern times Dragons capture the imagination, becoming part of popular games and movies and even music.

But what does the Dragon symbolize for you?

Is it good luck, as it was to some ancients? Is it creativity or wishes coming true or resurrection of dreams? Perhaps it is something you haven't even thought of yet.

Discover your Dragon with a simple meditation. Anoint a white candle with several drops of Dragon's Blood oil and light it. Sit comfortably, let yourself relax. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply, allowing all the tension of the day to ease away. Allow your thoughts to wander just a bit as you relax, letting them flow and letting go of them, concentrate on breathing, on the feeling as each part of you relaxes, as your thoughts calm and center, watching the flame of your candle. When you are feeling relaxed and ready to explore inwardly, let your eyes close and imagine yourself in a safe, peaceful place. Invite your Dragon Companion to visit with you. You might see a colour, a gemstone, feel an element like rain or wind, hear musical notes or even lyrics or poetry, perhaps you will detect a scent of some kind to give you a clue as to what your Dragon is about. You may even see in your mind the image of that inner Dragon you have invited to teach you or guide you. Now is the time to ask what wisdom they are here to share. Explore your inner landscape now, let the knowledge within you come forward, listen to what your psyche is showing you in symbols and with this Dragon.

When you have finished your visit and exploration, thank that Dragon, your inner self, for sharing this information with you. Concentrate on breathing deeply, feeling that calm fill you, know that you can take that relaxation out of the meditation with you. Open your eyes and watch your candle flame for a bit before resuming your usual day.

Don't worry if it takes some practice to connect with this guiding energy. But don't be surprised either if your inner thoughts spring at the chance to be known as well.

Donít forget to have some paper and a pen nearby so that when you are done with your meditation you can write down the experiences you had. You might want to keep a Dragon Journal to track your progress as you explore with the Dragon.

Dragon Luck to you in your journey!

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