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The Ten of Cups (Mystic Faerie Tarot Set)Evoke means to invite, to call upon, to bid to come, and just what is it we invite when we evoke the gentle folk, the fae, the fairies? I think we call for playfulness and imagination to come into our lives. We ask for a muse to inspire us to creativity. Perhaps we are calling to our own spirit to act on our dreams.

High Summer is often a good time to take action on the plans we have, the seeds we planted in Spring, so now is a fine time to ask for a bit of inspiration from within.

You can start with a relaxing bath using Meditation bath salts or Faery Evocation bath salts or help yourself focus on your goals using one of the elemental baths: Earth for strength and stamina, Air for communication, Fire for vitality or Water for intuition and dreams. After this you will want to find a quiet place to relax for your meditation. (Or light your anointed candle and meditate in the bath - this works well for some.)

Anoint a white candle with several drops of Faery Evocation oil and light it. Sit comfortably. Let yourself relax. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply, allowing all the tension of the day to ease away. Allow your thoughts to wander just a bit as you relax, letting them flow and letting go of them. Concentrate on breathing, on the feeling as each part of you relaxes, as your thoughts calm and center, watching the flame of your candle. When you are feeling relaxed and ready to explore inwardly, let your eyes close and imagine yourself in a safe, peaceful place. Invite the Fae to visit with you. Allow yourself to drift and relax, letting your inner voice speak and listening for the voices of the playful ones. Now is the time to ask what wisdom they are here to share. Explore your inner landscape now. Let the knowledge within you come forward, l Listen to what your psyche is showing you in symbols and with these folk.

When you have finished your visit and exploration, thank the fair ones and your inner self for sharing this information with you. Concentrate on breathing deeply, feeling that calm fill you. Know that you can take that relaxation out of the meditation with you. Open your eyes and watch your candle flame for a bit before resuming your usual day. Be sure to watch for the little folk - they like to dance in the flames!

Don't worry if it takes some practice to connect with this guiding energy. But don't be surprised either if your inner thoughts spring at the chance to be known as well.

Don't forget to have some paper and a pen nearby so that when you are done with your meditation you can write down the experiences you had.

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