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The Power of the White Goddess to Revolutionize the Darkness

Come with bows bent and with emptying of quivers,
Maiden most perfect, lady of light,
With a noise of winds and many rivers,
With a clamour of waters and with might,
Bind on thy sandals, O thou most fleet;
For the faint east quickens, the wan west shivers
Round the feet of the day and the feet of the night.
Swinburne, "Atlanta"

As the weather cools down and the leaves begin their annual dress change, we are approaching the dark. And yet, even now, there is a balance of the forces, light and dark.

There is a voice telling us there will be light again, that the seasons will continue their dance. As the dark of the year descends upon us, many folks will become victim to seasonal sadness due to the waning of the light. When you are able to fully appreciate the season, with its cold and biting tongue, with its shadows, you also can be thankful for the light in your life.

Often, it is the light that draws hearts and minds to the path of the Goddess. The Goddess, in Her many guises, speaks to us in whispers as the wind and gentle moon, in quiet urgings in the ears, in puzzling words in dreams, in commanding voices through the waters, and sometimes screaming through our bodies to get our attention, to relay messages. Whereas the Dark Mother will take drastic measures to mold and correct you when you fall off your course, much like a stern grandmother, the White Goddess speaks with compassion, love, and peace, much like a kind mother or supportive sister, with our best interests at heart.

She is the face most often talked about when referring to the Goddess. When we seek this aspect of Her, She is tender and her manner is mild and inviting. This is not to be mistaken for weakness. Often in our culture, love and peace are seen as ideal, but unrealistic, endeavors. It is a risk to love, to trust. It takes energy to be considerate of those around us, when sometimes just dealing with our own lives seems to be overly encompassing and demanding. Yet, we all feel the pull to the light, the draw to the fires, to the light within. How do we fight the rising darkness?

Sometimes the greatest weapons against the darkness are love and compassion, especially when it comes to our own personal shadows and unsought demons. Love is transformative. Love transforms anger into action, sorrow into empathy, and fear into courage. Compassion is the power that holds us all together, reminding us we really are all connected, like the spiderís web.

The White Goddess invites us to shine light into those dark corners. One face of the Triple Goddess, She is most often seen as a representation of the Moon and as the Young Maiden Goddess. She is also seen as the radiant Mother, the benevolent Guide, and the Wise Elder. She has many faces and many names, such as White Buffalo Woman, Tara, Kwan Yin, Mary, Diana, Selene, the Muses, Artemis, and Athena. What these Goddesses have in common are a focus on love and compassion, of belonging to themselves, and the spark of beginnings. The White Goddess teaches us to embrace our wildness, our youthful dance, and welcome our personal power. She is the initiation into the Great Mysteries.

The White Goddess is joy and high passions. She is ripening sexuality and reveler in beauty. She is the Huntress, the hungry Warrior as well. She is the seeker, searching out and opening to the lessons, the unknown knowledge. As the reign of the Dark Goddess becomes stronger, do not forget that the White Goddess will continue to murmur in your ear. She is the ray of hope, the promise of the return of light, of life abundant.

To connect with the White Goddess:

This ritual is best done at the time of the New Moon or the Waxing Crescent. You will need a white candle, White Goddess oil, White Goddess incense, and a white stone, such as moonstone, clear quartz, or white calcite. Other appropriate stones are amber and lunar quartz.

Set aside at least 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time to do your sacred working. Start by purifying your space. You can use salt water, sage, holy water, or Moon Magick's Purification incense. (One of my personal favorites!) Go around the room clockwise, visualizing your space free of negativity and unwanted energy.

Open your circle by calling the elements and invoking the Goddess. Use a poem or an invocation to invite the White Goddess into your circle. There are many wonderful invocations in print or create your own. Use these or similar words, "White Goddess, Keeper of the Light, Maiden of Joy, I call to you! Enter this sacred circle and grant me compassion and wisdom! Guide me to your life-giving light! Be here now!"

Anoint your white candle with White Goddess oil, applying the oil from base to wick and open yourself to the messages of the Goddess. Keep your mind focussed on receiving these sacred feelings, words, and images. She will speak to you in unexpected ways. You may want to anoint your heart chakra with the White Goddess oil as well.

This is also a great time to ask for healing of all kinds and guidance on your specific path. Light your incense as an offering to Her, the White Goddess. You may chant or stay in quiet meditation. Do what feels right for you. Hold your white stone in your hand, whichever feels correct, and draw the vibration of the White Goddess into it, visualizing the candle flame as the source of love, joy, peace, and compassion. Carry the stone with you to continue receiving Her blessings.

After your candles burn down, thank the White Goddess for Her blessings and counsel, for revealing Her mysteries. It is appropriate to leave an offering for Her. If you worked indoors, after your ritual take the offering outside. Wine and fruit, especially berries and apples, are wonderful offerings to Her. Also appropriate to this time of year are grains, such as oats, corn meal, and rice.

Close the circle by thanking the elements and the Goddess for gracing your circle. Ground as needed, returning unused energy to the Earth.

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