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Many of us in the magickal community, Wiccan or otherwise, feel a strong affinity for the moon and nighttime energies. We enjoy wearing silver, thrill to see the disc of the full moon in the night sky, and find our energy levels higher after sunset. Many of us make firm associations of magick and spirituality with the moon, and it can be all too easy to forget that there is another celestial body whose light can also illuminate our spirits and charge our magick. Whether you experience the sun as masculine or feminine, forging a close relationship with it can be valuable to your magickal path and spiritual growth. Becoming a sun-worshipper (and this doesn't refer to the dangerous practice of suntanning!) offers other benefits as well. Having the sun as your ally can lead to greater health and prosperity, as well as alleviating depression and sluggish energy levels. In addition, those who find themselves suffering greatly from the heat and light of the powerful summer sun may find that the rays which once tortured them come to feel greatly pleasurable. You may even come to feel their touch as a loving caress, as from a dear friend or cherished pet. Sound worth a try? Give these techniques a shot and see how your experience of the sun changes!

Build a sun altar. Build this altar in an eastern part of your home. If an eastern alignment isn't possible, a southern alignment is second-best. Cover your altar with a gold or yellow cloth, and place upon it a yellow candle anointed with Sun oil. Create a beautiful image of the sun out of yellow paper and gold-colored foil, and hang this on the wall over your altar. Adorn your altar with fresh flowers - sunflowers, marigolds, and safflower flowers are all favored by the sun. Spheres or large chunks of amber, citrine, or yellow calcite are perfect for decorating your sun altar. If that's not possible, how about a brass bowl filled with smaller pieces of these and other solar stones? (some examples would be sunstone, herkimer diamond, carnelian, gold topaz, or tiger's eye, or even gold nuggets if you can get them!). A bowl of sun potpourri would be lovely also - toss dried calendula, safflower, birch leaves, and juniper berries with either amber and heliotrope or cinnamon and bay essential oils. It's gorgeous and both blends smell absolutely delicious. Every morning upon rising, light the candle and breathe its light into your solar plexus. Leave the candle burning as long as it is safe to do so. You can use this altar to bless any item with which you need help and which falls under the sun's rulership - legal papers, your resume, medicines and medicinal herbs, psychic development tools, or your wallet can all use the sun's influence for best success. It will also be a super place to do any acts of sun-worship you might like to undertake.

Create a sun amulet. At noon on a Sunday, take a yellow taper candle, dress it with Sun oil, and place it on your sun altar (use a different candle from the one you light every morning). Arrange around the candle such herbs and stones as mentioned above, as well as any small solar symbols that you might like and find appropriate. Visualize the flaming face of the sun as you light the yellow candle, and hold this image in your mind for a time as the candle burns. If you like, you may write a small petition to the sun at this time, on white paper with red ink, asking for something you need in the realm of legal help, health, wealth, success, protection, or prophecy. When the candle is burnt out, take any wax residue that's left over and place it, along with the herbs, stones, and your petition if you've written one, into a yellow cloth drawstring bag. Keep this bag on your altar until your petition is answered, or, if you haven't asked for specific help, carry it with you into any situation in which you feel you could use the sun's assistance.

Honor the sun's special days. Sunday, obviously, is the day of the week sacred to the sun, but throughout the year there are also eight specific days which are perfect for worshipping this beautiful celestial body. Coming up in just a few weeks is Midsummer, known to Wiccans as Litha, which celebrates the Summer Solstice. This is the day of the year with the greatest number of daylight minutes, and it is the day when the sun's strength is at its peak. Traditionally this day has been celebrated with bonfires, merry revelry, and feasting upon summer's first fruits, and you can gather with your friends to do these things. If you like a quieter celebration, simply raise a glass of mead or orange juice to the sun and offer thanks for all the good things which flow therefrom. (Both oranges and honey, from which mead is made, fall under the rulership of the sun.) Whatever you do on this day, make sure you're doing it in honor of the celestial body who warms our earth and oceans, enables our food to grow, helps us see with all three eyes, and makes us wise and just.

Simple flattery!Think of the Leos you know. Don't they love to be told how handsome or clever or just generally wonderful they are? The sun is the ultimate Leo! Like any cat, the sun basks in affection and affirmation. Every time you see the sun in the sky, every time you feel its warm rays pouring down upon you, send up a message of love and respect. Visualize the sun dancing in pleasure with each beam of affection you send. Like your favorite cat, the sun will return sincere affection in kind.

Pay respect to solar beings. The sun has had many faces in many different lands the world over. The Greeks honored the god Helios, who rode his golden chariot across the sky every day. The Vedic traditions of India also venerate a chariot-driving god, Surya. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the great and powerful Ra. Mesopotamian Shamash and Slavic Svarog, and the Archangel Michael are all solar aspects whom you can get to know. But the sun isn't always experienced as male. The Celts worshipped a solar goddess, Brigit. In Japan, the sun is represented by the lovely female deity Amaterasu. And the Egyptians didn't limit themselves to just one solar deity. To them, the fierce lioness-headed Sekhmet represented the relentless noontime sun, and could be counted on to punish wrongdoers with her flames. Offer respect and affection to any of these beings and watch their blessings unfold in your life!

One word of caution: when we speak of respecting the sun, we don't simply mean acknowledging the power and beauty of this being. Your respect must also be for the dangers the sun can represent - the sun is a lion, not a harmless kitten or funny lolcat, and you will be wise to take this into account. Much as you might like to adore the sun, never ever look directly at it - permanent damage to your eyes can result. And as wonderful as those burning rays will come to feel, always take care to wear proper protection for your skin - sunscreen, long sleeves, and shady hats are essential for sunworshippers. With this caveat in mind, we wish you a beautiful journey towards a deep and loving relationship with the gorgeous star who lights our sky.

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