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There are many beliefs based on the broom as it has made its metamorphosis from medicine staff to symbol of the hearth. Jumping over the wedding broom symbolized two souls joining together, and when a couple moved into a new home, a new broom was used to sweep something (usually grain) into the house to ensure prosperity. Today, we bring a new broom and a loaf of bread into a home before anything else is moved in for the same purpose.

Additional beliefs were:

  • Never step over a broom lying on the floor - if you do and you are unmarried, you will stay that way!
  • It is bad luck to take a broom across water.
  • Never lean a broom against a bed.
  • To keep a ghost out, lean a broom against the door jam.
  • To drop a broom means company is coming.
  • To give away a used broom is bad luck.
  • Never use a broom to sweep dust out of the front door because it sweeps out your good luck!
  • Never sweep a house at night - it is insulting to the faeries and the spirits of the dead.

And finally...

  • A broom standing outside the door showed that the wife was away and the husband at liberty to entertain his male friends.

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