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A pathworking by David Goddard excerpted from his book The Sacred Magic of the Angels. Copyright, DAVID GODDARD, and SAMUEL WEISER PUBLICATIONS, 1994. (Out of Print as of 2008) Excerpted by permission from the author. For more information on David's books, workshops and mystery school, The Pharos, go to his website:

This interior journey may be used as a means of introduction to the Teaching Angels if you have not worked with them before.

Make sure you will be undisturbed, breathe deeply and rhythmically, but without any form of strain. Starting from your feet and moving upwards, tense your muscles and then allow them to relax. When you feel tranquil, begin to picture the images of this meditation allowing them to acquire clarity and three-dimensional vividness. Endeavor to use your senses in the journey, allowing touch, smell, hearing and sight to give you the full benefit of this communion with the Angels of Light.

See before you a trilithon gate, its rearing uprights, and the overhead lintel, are formed of a single, flawless crystal. Between the shimmering columns hangs a curtain the colour of indigo, of deep violet-blue - like the evening sky just after the Sun has set, and before the stars appear - this mystical veil gently swells from an unknown breeze. In the centre of the veil clearly shines a single Star. Focus your mental attention upon this Gate between the Worlds ... until your concentration causes the Crystal to glow ... brighter and brighter ... until a halo of rainbow light emanates from the portal ... and you can hear a single high note - like a silver-toned bell.

Now approach the Gate ... and step through the veil. You are standing upon the shore of a lake, as still as glass, with a gentle mist rolling over its surface. A soft, clear light filters down from a silver sky, with no luminaries to be seen. You are robed in an olive green robe girt with a white cord, stout leather sandals are upon your feet and a heavy black cloak envelopes you from the chill. There is an air of serenity about this place, a deep feeling of peace ... no sound just the silence, the gentle light and the still waters.

You hear the sound of rippling waters, as they part for the passage of a boat ... it seems to be coming from the part of the lake where the mist is thickest. You observe that you are not apprehensive at all, but you are curious to know what kind of vessel sails upon this sacred lake. From the mist, and into view, emerges a high-prowed boat. It is formed of ancient, seasoned wood, and the rim of the hull is carved with letters of gold - in a language you don't recognize - but which provokes strange a resonance within you. The tall prow is carved in the likeness of a hand holding a lamp; and in the lamp burns a clear violet flame. Six oars, three aside, propel the strange vessel forwards, and the rowers are tall, slender beings, robed and hooded in silver. As the vessel draws in it turns and you look along its length, near the stern is a high, wooden seat; it is empty. The boat ceases to move some ten feet from the shore-line. The oars rest, the silver-clad beings rise and look across to you. Silence falls again and the lake returns to its former stillness.

You feel somewhat embarrassed as the silence deepens and nothing appears to be said. "Perhaps", you think, "These beings can't speak". Tentatively you reach out with your feelings, seeking to convey that you come as a 'Seeker for the Light'. As soon as your heart-centre stirs to reach out to the silver-clad beings, you can feel their welcome flooding into you, like a star-burst of joy ! With their greeting, that transcends speech, comes the knowledge, that they have come far to meet you, they started out towards you from the instant you decided to undertake this journey through inner space; but they cannot, may not, approach any closer to the shore. You must somehow go to them, cross the last space that separates you from knowing each other.

You must decide now, do you wish to go on to the Temple of the High Servants of the ONE ? Or is it too deep an undertaking ? What do the still waters before you hold beneath their seemingly placid surface, what do you really know about the strange, hidden Beings in their fantastic boat, so close and yet ... a life-style away ? In the depths of your being weigh your heart. If you doubt or dread, then with that self-knowledge pass back through indigo veil in the Crystal Gate, back to the ways of sleeping Humanity. There will be other opportunities in the Great Journey to retrace your steps to this shore. If, however, your heart burns within you, if your soul hungers for That which Alone endures, then step forward into the Still Waters ... now decide !

You place one foot into the cold waters feeling the lake-bottom beneath your foot ... you take another step, and another - the waters are now about your knees - you suddenly realise that the waters are wonderful. The touch of the Still Waters fill you with profound peace. The waters soothe away all unhealed pains and hurts ... like rain upon a desert they fill the deep places of your soul, and melt away all hardness. In wonder you kneel down in the waters ... letting them rise to your shoulders, then you bow your head and they wash over you.

You emerge from the waters like a dolphin in joy. Your senses are heightened, expanded in clarity ... and you see upon the surface of the remaining waters between you and the boat, a path formed of golden light. It comes from the vessels, from the glorious Beings you now see upon its deck. Tall, bright and serene figures - robed and winged with light - their eyes ablaze with endless joy, bent upon you; and their arms outstretched towards you. You float up from the waters - lifted by Angel-thought - onto the golden pathway. You see that your robes are now snow white, and your sandals are formed of verdant spring grass, adorned with summer flowers. Without being aware of moving, save as a soft wind, you find yourself aboard, encircled by living embodiments of Love.

It is alike to being reunited with old friends, whom you have always known, but forgotten for a while. It is a sense of completion. The close proximity of the devas, clarifies your mind, invigorates and stimulates your aura. Communication is unimpeded and rapid now, for your basic vibration rate is quickened by these Beings of Light. They are of the host of the Cherubim, for you can recognise their vibrations as similar to those you met in the Moon Circle. And they have been sent to bring you into the presence of the great Teaching Angels of Men. The boat turns about, the six oars rise and dip in the Still Waters, and it glides forward like a swan towards the pearly-grey mist.

As the vessel enters the mist your vision becomes limited ... seeing less and less ... until even the sides of the boat disappear. As the mist thickens they Angels seem to vanish. For a moment you are on the verge of heart-break; have your new-found companions gone, have you found only to lose so soon ? "Look to the prow" says a mind-touch. You can still see the violet flame burning clear and un-obscured. You open out with your inner senses ... and find the presence of the Angels caressing your mind, letting you know that although they may not always be in sight, they are always there if you call.

The mists ahead begin to thin, you can see a faint golden haze ahead to which the barque unerringly goes. The vessel emerges into the warm golden light. All around are the Still Waters, but now reflecting a gold sky that shines clearly upon all with the beauty of a sun and the softness of a moon. You notice that there are bright points of light hovering, flying and swooping in the golden sky. Your Angelic companions begin to sing, high and pure like temple bells, and paean of joy. You realise they are communing with the flying lights, which in response draw closer, singing as they approach. Now you can see that they are Shining Ones too. Unbounded by any limitation they soar in the light of the Endless Day. Some are bearing cups, chalices; and they swoop down to the surface of the glass-like - hovering like celestial dragonflies - they fill the chalices from the lake ... and fly from sight like comets.

Your curiosity is aroused; immediately in answer one of the Cherubim explains. "These are the Ministers of Consolation. In answer to true prayer they bear the cups filled with the Still Waters to those who suffer or have need. Have you not realised yet what these waters are ? Look into the depths of the lake." You do so, seeing beneath the placid surface billowing tides of fire ! Baffled you inquire of the Cherub. "The Still Waters," he explains, "are Mezla, Grace. From this lake all healing-centres upon the Earth draw their power. To this lake the Winged-Ones bring in sleep those who suffer. From this lake those Angels so charged, draw heaven's Dew and take it to those of the earth plane who have need. This is one of the reasons it was necessary for you to bathe in the Waters before coming to us." One of the other Cherubim on board approaches you, holding a crystal cup within which the Still Waters glow, and offers it to you. You take the Cup bearing the Life of Worlds, and drink of that Peace which passeth understanding.

Ahead appears an a tree-covered island, and upon the high hill in the centre stands a great octagonal temple, built of living sunlight. The radiant structure is crowned domes, cupolas and graceful minarets; and its image is reflected, on all sides, upon the mirror-like surface of the healing lake. The boat approaches and draws in by the mystic island. A warm breeze comes off the island, bearing the scent of the laurel and frankincense trees that adorn it. You can see no path, and wonder how you will reach the temple. There is a sound like the cadence of wind-chimes; and you thus learn that Angels do laugh! Smiling, two of your companions place their strong arms about your waist ... spread their great wings, and rise with you up into the air. The other four Cherubim accompany you before and after, singing again. With this joyous train of devas you are flown to the hill, over the Temple's entrance, and through a high placed rose-window ... and down onto the mosaic floor of the sanctuary.

The Temple is vast, it soars up almost beyond sight. Inside the golden walls are the colour of sun-suffused amber. In the East is a great seven-branched menorah - the Lamp of the Elohim - each cup alight with one coloured flame, the seven making the spectrum of the rainbow. It is flanked on one side by a pillar of jet and , upon the other side, by a pillar of diamond. In the centre of the Temple, upon a dais of four steps, is a simple white cubic altar; its simplicity stark in this glorious edifice. Upon the altar, bathed in a shaft of gentle star-light, is a golden-yellow rose; upon which gleams a single drop of dew from the First Dawn.

The six Cherubim for a semi-circle around and behind you. The descending shaft of star-light brightens, and a great Voice cries: "Michael!". A column of gold and salmon light, some twenty feet high, appears by the altar. "Gabriel, Samael!" cries the Voice; two great columns, one of silver and blue, the other of fiery scarlet, flank the first column. Again the Voice sounds, "Raphael, Sachiel, Asariel !" Three more bright columns join the first; one of rapid yellow, one violet-purple and one of sea-green. For a third time the Voice fills the Temple: "Haniel, Cassiel, Uriel !" Another trinity of luminous beams join the first six; one of gentle rose and turquoise, one of deep greens and blues, and the third, brilliant as frozen lightning. The nine resplendent columns are about the altar; great chords of music are heard and rapid flashes of colour pass between them, as they speak one to another. The attending Cherubim brighten, as if in response to the presence of the great Angel Lords.

The Voice speaks again calling you by name. You step forward, awed by the great vari-coloured columns of force. The columns begin to move from the altar, sweeping around you, as if examining you. Each column brings a different emotional response from you. After a while your sense of awe is replaced by pleasure at the beauty of these great lights. You feel the mind touch of Raphael first ... your consciousness "tingles" at his mental touch.

"Greetings, Child of Earth. My Brethren and I are pleased that you have won through to this place. We were appointed by the Ineffable ONE to help instruct you species for its journey to Godhood. Now that you have come here, our work together may begin in truth. Know this, we will never turn away from you, when you call we will always come - but you may, if you wish, turn away from us. We are constant, like That of Whose Light we were born, we abide. We are Servants of the ONE, what you see of Us now, is a veiling of our true forms, whose light would sear the unprepared. Because we are Those of our kind, whom you will work with the most, at first; we will take on thought-presences, take on forms more familiar to your mind. Thus, may we become more than Teachers and pupil - we shall become 'Friends'; for your life and ours are one in God."

As he speaks the yellow column that is Raphael becomes a Mercury-type figure with traditional winged sandals and caduceus, only the wide slanting eyes retain their Angelic characteristic. The purple column of Sachiel forms into a violet clad, kingly figure of great benevolence. Gabriel appears as a Grecian athlete in a blue, silver-trimmed chiton. Samael as a knight in a scarlet surcoat wielding a bright sword. Michael as gold vested priest. Asariel robed in sea-green holding a silver trident. Haniel as a beautiful woman robed in turquoise with a pale pink rose in her copper-red hair. Cassiel, crowned with jet, robed in dark green with a mantle of sable. And finally, Uriel in a rainbow robe with a clear flame floating over his head. With the Teaching Angels in these forms, you feel less awe-struck, more able to approach them; as They intended. Together you share some moments of private communion.

Then Uriel gives a signal to his eight brethren, you draw back, and they resume the appearance of twenty-foot high columns of coruscating light. They form a circle about the Altar, and they begin to circle it ... faster and faster ... till you can no longer identify separate columns as they merge creating a great vortex of coloured light. Stretching upwards, growing brighter in intensity and power ... then, they are GONE ! And where the altar stood is not the Crystal Gate between the Worlds, with its veil of indigo adorned with a single star.

You make your farewells to the Cherubim, who crewed the barque, with the intuitive knowledge that you will meet again. You approach the Crystal Gate ... the indigo veil billows up and open ... you step through the gate, poised between the Worlds, hearing Raphael's voice again "When you call We will come".

You have travelled far and deep. Become aware of the weight and warmth of your physical body, the air in your lungs, the moisture in your mouth. Repeat your name a couple of times to establish your identity. Make sure you are fully back in this level of Reality.

Make sure you have a warm drink and a biscuit or sandwich to help you close down. Write your record of the vision-journey as soon as possible, for like a dream the intensity and the details soon fade.

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