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Beginner Tarot Decks

This page features recommended Tarot decks for the novice. Learning Tarot with one of these decks will build a good foundational knowledge of the basic Tarot symbols, thus allowing more fulfilling exploration later on. We have also chosen decks which have excellent companion books available.

Rider-Waite Standard Size Deck with instruction booklet
Pamela Colman Smith
ISBN# 091386613X, $22.00

Universal Waite Standard Size Deck with instruction booklet
Mary Hanson-Roberts
ISBN# 0880794968, $22.00

Radiant Rider Waite with instruction booklet
A E Waite
ISBN# 1572814136, $22.00

Universal Tarot Deck with instruction booklet
Roberto De Angelis
ISBN# 073870007X, $24.00

Robin Wood Tarot Deck with instruction booklet
Robin Wood
ISBN# 0875428940, $23.99

Gilded Tarot Royale Deck with instruction booklet.
Ciro Marchetti
ISBN# 0738765236, $24.99

Learning the Tarot
Joan Bunning
ISBN# 1578630487, $26.95

Tarot for Beginners
Barbara Moore
ISBN# 0738719552, $15.95

How to Read the Tarot
Sylvia Abraham
ISBN# 0738708178, $12.99

Tarot Made Easy
Nancy Garen
ISBN# 0671670875, $19.99

Kitchen Table Tarot
Melissa Cynova
ISBN# 0738750778, $16.99

Around the Tarot in 78 Days
Marcus Katz
ISBN# 0738730440, $27.99

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