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Each astrological sign has its unique energies and powers. Corresponding to these zodiacal energies are herbs and essential oils which share the same energy affinities. You can use them in incenses, oils, pot pourris and power bags to enhance and highlight the energies of your own chart:

ARIES - tobacco, ginger, honeysuckle, red sandalwood, cinnamon, dragon's blood
TAURUS - rose, myrtle, vervain, clover, apple blossom, gardenia
GEMINI - cinnamon, lavender, orchid, clove, bayberry, sassafras
CANCER - white sandalwood, cucumber, jasmin, almond, lotus, anise
LEO - woodruff, heliotrope, frankincense, bay, chamomile, eyebright
VIRGO - pennyroyal, white sandalwood, lily of the valley, narcissus, lavender, sage
LIBRA - rose, yarrow, white lilac, bergamot, catnip, geranium rose
SCORPIO - musk, civit, styrax, patchouli, basil, damiana
SAGITTARIUS - cedar, pine, magnolia, clove, cardamon, calendula
CAPRICORN - cypress, musk, benzoin (styrax), hemlock, moss, myrrh
AQUARIUS - nutmeg, wormwood, fennel, allspice, guarana
PISCES - hyacinth, orange blossom, ambergris, poppy, peach, wisteria

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