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Ace of Swords (Golden Tarot of Klimt)As the hectic holiday season rolls over us, it is sometimes difficult to remember that we need to give to ourselves as we give to others. We need to give ourselves the gift of a moment of stress free time. That moment can be as short as the time it takes to drink one cup of peppermint tea or eggnog spiked coffee or as long as an evening with your favorite old movie and a bowl of popcorn. Be sure to schedule some of those sorts of moments in between the shopping and the holiday parties and the wrapping and the decorating. And you can use this meditation to help create a clearer picture for yourself of the gifts you wish to give to the most neglected person on your shopping list - you!

Ace of Pentacles (Animals Divine Tarot - Llewellyn)First find all four of the Aces in your favorite Tarot deck, or you can use different ones from different decks. The Ace of Coins represents Earth: the physical aspects of our world, our health, home, career. The Ace of Swords represents Air: the mental aspects of ourselves, thoughts, ambitions. The Ace of Wands represents Fire: the engine of our life, the things we believe in and stand for, the passion we feel for issues or ideas. The Ace of Cups represents Water: our heart and feelings, our emotional self. Once you have these, choose which gift to give yourself for this meditation, or, even better, do this meditation four times, once a week perhaps, doing the meditation once for each card.

Ace of Wands (Universal Goddess Tarot)You will want to have a mini candle for each meditation. You can choose Red for Energy, Green or Blue for Healing and Meditation or White for Peace. Dressing your candle with a drop or two of oil will help you focus on your intent and create a little more concentration on meeting your goals and creating a stress free moment for yourself. You can use Meditation oil, Tranquility oil, Birch for empathy, Allspice for added energy, Bitter Almond for peace and meditation, Frankincense for success, Myrrh or Peppermint to purify, or Petitgrain to protect.

Ace of Cups (Morgan Greer Tarot)After you have chosen your card and set up your candle and have it lit and burning brightly, relax and allow your mind to wander a bit, dream a bit, imagine an immediate future in which your needs are met, in which solutions present themselves clearly. Concentrate on the image on the card you have chosen - what appeals to you? What is it that you want to create in this realm of your life? Successful business or better health with the Ace of Coins? A more positive and peaceful outlook with the Ace of Swords? More time to devote to causes you care about through the Ace of Wands? Trust and care towards yourself and in your relationships with the Ace of Cups? Or perhaps you will let your intuition speak to you in this meditation, showing you what you need to focus on to bring peace to yourself, to create more moments of stress-free time to let yourself listen to your own needs.

Take your time and be open to the ideas your own inner voice has to share.

Allow the candle to burn out, then keep the Ace on which you are focusing somewhere you will be able to see it every day for a week or so, or until you do a new meditation with a different Ace if you choose to do each of them. Let the images on the cards sink in and inspire you to give the gift of time to yourself.

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