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Here you will find a selection of our products that will help you prepare for and work your Wicca Magick Love Spell.

We have featured here a sample love spell along with books, Moon Magick Products, herbs, candles, gemstones, & more.



The Candle Magick WorkbookCandle Magick Workbook ~ Kala Pajeon
Why and how candle magick works, a straight-forward workbook in how to draw prosperity, love and health to your life.
ISBN# 0806512687, $12.95

The Everything Spells And Charms BookEverything Spells & Charms Book ~ Trish MacGregor
All the tools one needs to creates spells, charms and magical potions are included here for love, money or success. Illustrations.
ISBN# 1580625320, $12.95

The Salem Witches Book of Love SpellsSalem Witch Book of Love Spells ~ Lillith McLelland
The witches of Salem, Massachusetts, share their favorite spells, incantations, aphrodisiacs, and love potion recipes, some dating back to the 15th century.
ISBN# 0806520205, $12.00

BewitchmentBewitchments ~ Edain Mccoy
Whether one is looking for a new friend or a lifelong mate, "Bewitchments" can help narrow the focus of the search and show how to attract, sustain, or refine these relationships with its grimoire of over 90 spells. 16 illustrations.
ISBN# 1567187005, $14.95

Gypsy Love MagickGypsy Love Magick ~ Ray Buckland
For centuries the Gypsies have travelled all over the world collecting and dispensing magickal knowledge. "In Secrets of Gypsy Love Magick" you will find a collectiom of love spells and magick formulas that are time-tested and reliable, taken from a long tradition of successful Gypsy practice.
ISBN# 0875420532, $4.99

Love MagicLove Magic ~ Laurie Cabot
A unique, authoritative collection of rituals, spells, and meditations for attracting and enhancing love relationships--from the authors of Power of the Witch. This entertaining and enlightening book addresses both the novice and experienced magic worker to give an overview on the meaning of love and on the craft of performing it.
ISBN# 0385305702, $12.95

Wicca For LoversWicca For Lovers ~ Jennifer Hunter
This playful and informative book includes the basic tools for love magic: a taper candle, rose quartz, plume feather, and a vial of rose oil. The collection of aphrodisiacs and spells includes easy-to-read answers about the mystic practice and its celebration of sexuality.
ISBN# 0140290729, $19.95

Love CharmsLove Charms ~ Elizabeth Pepper
ISBN# 1515000135, $5.95

Love, Sex and MagickLove, Sex And Magick ~ Sirona Knight
A high priestess of the Celtic Gwyddonic Druid Tradition offers a New Age guide to deeper, stronger love and more satisfying sexual experiences.
ISBN# 0806520434, $12.00

The Wiccan Spell KitWiccan Spell Kit ~ Sirona Knight
Contains step-by-step instructions for performing more than 40 spells. Includes a complete spell manual, a sage smudging wand, a miniature broom, lavender essential oil, a clear quartz crystal and a stone pentacle.
ISBN# 0806522445, $24.95


Moon Magick Products

(Oil: $2.50/dram * Incense: $3.50/oz. * Bath-salts: $4.00/6oz. * Amulets: $7.50/each)

Astarte - Goddess of sexuality and fertility. Stock# MMAST

Attraction - to attract romantic adventure. Stock# MMATT

Come to Me - to draw love and heighten sexual enjoyment. Stock# MMCME

Love - for matters of the heart. Stock# MMLOV

Lust - to promote sexual expression. Stock# MMLUS

Aphrodite - love, beauty, inspiration. Stock# MMAPH

Circe - romantic enchantment. Stock# MMCIR

Fire - willpower, sexuality, power, vitality. Stock# MMFIR

Moon Magick Protection KitMoon Magick Love Kit ~ Everything you need for a magickal working in one convenient box. Kit includes candles, talisman, ritual oil, parchment, ink, quill, incense, charcoal, mojo bag, herbal mixture, stone and instructions. Stock# mmkitl $25.00


In order to perform this spell properly, it must be performed on a Monday or Friday. Find a quiet place where you will not have any disturbances for at least 20 minutes. First set three red candles in the center of your table or altar and place a picture or name of the person you desire. If you do not have a s specific person in mind, place a piece of paper with the candles that simply says "My True Love". Place a Love Talisman in front of the candles. Anoint the three candles from top to bottom with a Love oil. Light the first candle while you say, "Spirits of True Love, bring my soul mate to me. May we be happily united, never to part, for our hearts will be joined as one". Light the second candle and repeat your invocation. Pause for a few moments and picture you and your true love embracing. Light the third candle and repeat your invocation, Again, pause and picture you and your true love in an embrace. While your candles are burning, use a quill, ink and parchment, write down the most important qualities that you seek in a true love (you should think about this before you begin your spell work). Next light some charcoal and place it in an incense burner or heat safe dish, put a pinch of Love incense on the charcoal. Take your piece of parchment and waft it through the smoke of the incense while you chant the original invocation, "Spirits of True Love, bring my soul mate to me. May we be happily united, never to part, for our hearts will be joined as one". Fold your parchment up into a small square and place it along with herbs and a stone (both should have love attracting properties), in a mojo bag. You can carry the mojo bag with you wherever you go, or you may simply place it under your pillow. Finally, you will let your candles burn all the way out while you meditate on your true love. Once your candles are done burning, the Love Talisman will be charged and ready for you to wear or place under your pillow with Sometimes you will see immediate results, sometimes it can take up to two lunar cycles before you see results. The universe works in mysterious ways and assistance will be provided to you in ways you may never have expected. Once you see results from your spell work, always thank the universe for the assistance provided.

To simplify this spell, may we recommend the MOON MAGICK LOVE KIT. It has everything you need to perform this spell.


ALOES Herb: Love, Spirituality.

Stock# HALOES $4.00 (1oz.)

Stock# 4HALOES $12.00 (4oz.)

BAYBERRY ROOT Herb: Attract Love, Friends.
Stock# HBAYB $3.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HBAYB $9.00 (4oz)

BASIL Herb: Love, Protection, Wealth.

Stock# HBASI $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HBASI $4.50 (4oz)

CATNIP Herb: Visions, Love, Cat Magick.
Stock# HCAT $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HCAT $4.50 (4oz)

CLOVES Herb: Protection, Exorcism, Money, Love.

Stock# HCLOV $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HCLOV $4.50 (4oz)

COPAL RESIN Herb: Love, Purification.

Stock# HCOP $3.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HCOP $9.00 (4oz)

CUBEB Seeds Herb: Sexuality, Love.

Stock# HCUB $2.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HCUB $6.00 (4oz)

DAMIANA Herb: Sexuality, Love, Visions.
Stock# HDAMI $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HDAMI $4.50 (4oz)

HENNA Herb, red: Sexuality, Love.

Stock# HHEN $2.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HHEN $6.00 (4oz)

HYDRANGEA Herb Root: Intuition, Love.

Stock# HHYDR $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HHYDR $4.50 (4oz)

JASMIN FLOWERS Herb: Love, Peace.

Stock# HJASM $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HJASM $4.50 (4oz)

LAVENDER Herb : Love, Protection, Peace, Purification.

Stock# HLAV $2.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HLAV $6.00 (4oz)

LEMON BALM Herb: Love, Success, Healing.

Stock# HLEMB $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HLEMB $4.50 (4oz)

LEMON VERBEN Herb: Purification, Love.

Stock# HVERB $2.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HVERB $6.00 (4oz)

LOVAGE Root Herb: Love, Peace.

Stock# HLOVA $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HLOVA $4.50 (4oz)

MAIDENHAIR Herb: Romance, Joy.

Stock# HMAID $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HMAID $4.50 (4oz)

MISTLETOE Herb: Protection, Love, Fertility.

Stock# HMIST $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HMIST $4.50 (4oz)

MULLEIN Herb: Courage, Health, Love.

Stock# HMULL $2.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HMULL $6.00 (4oz)

ORRIS ROOT Herb: Love, Beauty, Divination.
Stock# HORR $3.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HORR $9.00 (4oz)

VERVAIN Herb: Love, Protection, Chastity, Healing.

Stock# HVERV $1.50 (1oz)
Stock# 4HVERV $4.50 (4oz)

PASSIONFLOWER Herb: Peace, Friendship, Love.
Stock# HPAS $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HPAS $4.50 (4oz)

YARROW Herb: Courage, Love, Power.

Stock# HYAR $1.50 (1oz)
Stock# 4HYAR $4.50 (4oz)

ROSEBUDS Herb: Love, Luck.

Stock# HROSE $1.50 (1oz)

Stock# 4HROSE $4.50 (4oz)

YOHIMBE Bark Herb: Sexuality.

Stock# HYOMB, $3.00 (1oz)
Stock# 4HYOMB $9.00 (4oz)

SAW PALMETTO Berry Herb: Sexuality, Lust, Romance.
Stock# HSAW $2.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HSAW $6.00 (4oz)

SCULLCAP Herb: Love, Fidelity, Peace.

Stock# HSCUL $3.00 (1oz)

Stock# 4HSCUL $9.00 (4oz)

TONKA BEANS Herb: Love, Money, Courage, Wishes. 2 beans.
Stock# HTONK $2.00

Stock# 4HTONK $6.00 (4oz)

(Red = Love, Passion, Energy)

Wicca Red Taper CandleTaper Candle: Hand-dipped, solid color all the way through. 8" long. Stock #TP8R, $3.00/pair

Wicca Red Pillar CandlePillar Candle: 1.5" diameter, 9" tall. Solid Color. Stock# Picandr, $3.50

Wicca Red Mini CandleMini Candles: .25" diameter, 4" long. Stock #mcrd, 33¢.

Red Heart Mini Candle HolderRed Heart Candle Holder: Great for the Mini-Candles Stock #rhchm, $2.50

Wicca Female Image Candle in RedImage Candles: 8" tall, solid color.
Female Figure Stock# CANDIFR, $5.00

Wicca Male Image Candle in Red Male Figure Stock# CANDIMR, $5.00

Wicca Blessed Herbal Love CandleBlessed Herbal Protection Candle: This Blessed Herbal Candle is made under the proper lunar cycle dependent on its formula. Incorporating the principles of astrology, lunar cycles, aromatherapy, herbalism, color magick & numerology. 7" high x 1½" in diameter. Stock# SECANDATT $12.00


Emerald Gemstone for LoveEmerald - divine love, integrity.
Stock# EMER, $10.00
Click on image for enlarged view

MALACHITE Gemstone for LoveMalachite - heals the heart, brings true love.

Stock# MALA, $3.00
Click on image for enlarged view

PERIDOT Gemstone for LovePeridot - increases love, opens to abundance.

Stock# PERI, $6.00
Click on image for enlarged view

Rose Quartz Gemstone for LoveRose Quartz - opens heart chakra, develops love.
Stock# ROSE, $3.00
Click on image for enlarged view

Turquoise Gemstone for LoveTurquoise - astral travel, opens communication, joins love/wisdom, headaches.
Stock# TURQ, $4.00
Click on image for enlarged view

Dove's Blood Magical Ink for Love SpellDove's Blood Ink: Traditional herbal formula for writing protection spells. 1 fl. oz. Contains NO animal blood. Stock# dvblink, $4.00

Red Feather Quill: Feather writing quill for love and lust. 10-12" in length. Stock# QUILLRD $1.00

Red Poppet Doll for Love SpellRed Poppet Doll: Traditional cloth stuffed poppet for spellwork. For love and lust. Stock# popprd $6.00

Solomon's Seal Magic Talisman: For fidelity and love. Brass & Copper finish. Stock# ya44 $12.00


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