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Search Instructions

  • TITLE/ ITEM SEARCH: This is a keyword search by words contained in a book title or an item's name. It is not necessary to enter an entire title and you may use upper or lower case. The more words you enter, the more narrow the search.

Entering "Zen" in title/item would locate the item "Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance" as well as many other books and items containing the word "zen".

Entering "Zen Art Maintenance" would locate the same item, but would narrow the search considerably because only books or items with names containing all three words, "zen art maintenance" would be listed.

Be specific. If you type in "wicca" you will bring up items and books with "wicca" in the title while typing in "wiccan" would bring up an entirely different list.

Spelling counts! You may not be locating the item you want because of a spelling error.

If you are have trouble finding an item you might need to make your search more general like just typing in "candle" rather than "black beeswax candles".

  • For author you may enter :-
    • 2nd name only
    • 1st name 2nd name
    • 2nd name 1st name
Examples: "Cunningham" or "Cunningham Scott" or "Scott Cunningham"
  • You may search by any combination of fields.

For example entering "cunningham" in author and "wicca" in title would locate all the titles that Cunningham wrote with "wicca" in the title.

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