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Not just music this month! We've received 2 new listening stations and new CDs to go on them. When in the Denver area, stop in and have a listen!

Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, A biological explanation of how your beliefs shape your health and your destiny. $24.95 Dance of Innocents, Nawang Khechog and Peter Kater, Flute and piano blend in a synthesis of East and West and of two master musicians' work. Meditative and healing. $17.00
Deep Calm, Andrew Weil, Classical music scientifically arranged to draw out the maximum calming benefits of each piece, and presented in a descending progression to carry you into an ever-deepening state of relaxed tranquility. $17.98 Emotional Freedom Practices, Judith Orloff, More than a dozen exercises, self care techniques, and meditations for turning difficult emotions such as anger, fear and frustration, into courage, compassion and inner calm. $19.99
How to Meditate with Pema Chodron, Pema Chodron, A five CD set of instructions and guidance let you learn Mindfulness meditation from an American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun. In other words, someone who understands not only the ancient theories and practices, but our real world, too. $29.95 Meditations for Emotional Healing, Tara Brach, Learn appropriate ways to respond to uncomfortable emotions like anger, fear, jealousy and shame with these four guided meditations. $19.95
Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief, Jon Kabat Zinn, Be here now, and let your pain be elsewhere. Learn seven fundamental attitudes to cultivate mindfulness in relationship to chronic pain, as well as six guided meditations for dealing with pain. $20.00 Radical Forgiveness, Colin Tipping, Instructions on how to look at the world in a healing way, transforming difficult emotions like anger, fear and shame into love, gratitude and peace. $24.95
True Abundance, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Learn how to open your life to the Source that provides for all our needs, change your relationship with money, and bring more of it into your life. Includes meditations for visioning your life's purpose, dissolve your fear of money and turn your life into a welcome place for abundance. $19.95 Shamanic Meditations, Sandra Ingerman, Six guided journeys allow you to connect to your power animals and spirit helpers, experience your true self beyond the body and mind. $19.95
Songs of Kuan Yin, Various Artists, Ten devotional offerings by some of the world's most talented female performers honor the female Buddha of Compassion. $17.98 Through a Dogs Ear, Joshua Leeds, Lisa Spector, Music for your muttley crew. Classical piano music to soothe Phydeaux after a hard day of guarding the house. $14.95