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So many of us are rediscovering the numerous uses of crystals and gemstones for healing, magick, and personal transformation. Although this is a quick reference guide, we do recommend that you consult one of our many informative Crystal & Gemstone Books for more complete and extensive information.

We will ship a stone that is of good quality and character for the price given. Please inquire about fancier, larger and gem quality stones. Most stones listed here are raw or tumbled specimens.

Click On The Images To Enlarge. Photos Are A General Sample. Actual Size, Shape And Texture May Vary.

Abalone Abalone: Aids in psychic development, soothes emotions.
ISBN# ABAL, $1.00
Agate, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Lace: Calms, assists inner attunement.
Energy: Receptive.
Element: Water.
ISBN# BLUE, $3.00:
Agate, Botswana Agate, Botswana:
Inner knowledge.
ISBN# BOTA, $2.00:
Agate, Moss Agate, Moss: Grounds, calms, centers.
Energy: Receptive.
Element: Earth.
ISBN# MOSA, $4.00
Amazonite Amazonite: Soothes heart & throat, brings clarity, truth & trust. Dispels negativity. General health & well being.
Folk Name: Amazon Stone.
Energy: Receptive.
Planet: Uranus.
Element: Earth.
ISBN# AMAZ, $4.00
Amber Amber: Calms & soothes, opens & cleanses chakras. Cleanses space of negativity.
Energy: Projective.
Planet: Sun.
Element: Fire.
ISBN# AMBE, $5.00
Amethyst Amethyst: Doorway to higher mind. Promotes inner calm & peace, initiates wisdom & understanding. Communicates directly with soul.
Energy: Receptive.
Planets: Jupiter & Neptune.
Element: Water.
ISBN# AMET, $4.00
Ametrine Ametrine: Combines amethyst & citrine. Balances male & female energies, clears aura, emotions & tension.
ISBN# AMETR, $6.00
Angelite Angelite: Soft, peaceful & calming. Enhances healing. Lemurian soul roots.
ISBN# ANGE, $10.00
Apache Tear Apache Tear: Aids in removal of limits. Soothes grief, provides insight & acceptance at times of death.
Energy: Projective.
Planet: Saturn.
Element: Fire.
ISBN# APAC, $2.00
Apatite Apatite: Restores harmony, dispels confusion, enhances creativity.
ISBN# APAT, $3.00
Apophyllite Apophyllite: Soul level healing, knowing & inner wisdom. Astral travel.
ISBN# APOP, $3.00
Aqua-Aura Quartz Aqua-Aura Quartz: Gold infused, brings energy, opens throat chakra for channeling.
ISBN# AQUA, $10.00
Aquamarine Aquamarine: Promotes inner power, tranquility & peace.
Energy: Receptive.
Planet: Moon.
Element: Water.

ISBN# AQUAM, $7.00
Aventurine Aventurine: Heals heart & all physical healing. Clears emotional stress.
Energy: Projective.
Planet: Mercury.
Element: Air.
ISBN# AVEN, $3.00
Azurite Azurite: Opens 3rd Eye, brings truth.
Energy: Receptive.
Planet: Venus.
Element: Water.
ISBN# AZUR, $4.00
Bloodstone Bloodstone: Intense healing stone, purifies blood, soothes cuts & bruises, restores vitality.
Folk Name: Heliotrope.
Energy: Projective.
Planet: Mars.
Element: Fire.
ISBN# BLOO, $4.00
Bronzite Bronzite: Grounding and courage.
ISBN# BRON, $3.00

Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem And Metal Magic For additional folklore information, we recommend Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic

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