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Winter 2012

Much has been written about 2012, particularly in the last few years. Is it an end time? The coming of a new age? Or simply the opportunity to evaluate where we are and make choices about where we want to go next.

Interestingly, the winter months of 2012 feature the planet of Love, Venus, as the dominant force in planetary symbolism. This is a planet full of Mayan myth and one that they placed at the center of their cosmology. Venus, in the sign of Aquarius during the winter solstice chart, reminds us to stay cool, to observe, to persevere, and to pay attention to our friendships. This is a dispassionate planetary placement that needs to exchange ideas and participate within community. The winter months favors connecting with groups of like minded individuals that can further the consciousness that you want to live in.

Mars in Virgo further assists the pragmatic and practical considerations that are arising over the weeks and months ahead. Mars will spend the entire winter in this sign, turning retrograde on 1.24 and remaining so until 4.13. It will move back and forth over the mid degrees activating the generations born in the mid 60's and the 80's. Many of these generations will find themselves feeling stifled by the conventional and predictable while at the same time wanting to hang on to what is reliable, sometimes at the cost of their own creative evolution.

Saturn the planet of time and accomplishment, traveling though Libra, the sign of relationship and justice, will be in an opposition aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, the planet of expansion in January and February, as well as these two planets aspecting the next two new moons. This planetary dynamic favors assessment of financial matters and establishing a realistic shared budget for the new year. This will work best with a 'buddy system.'

Neptune the planet of psychic awareness moves into its home sign of Pisces on February 4th and will remain in this sign for the next 13 years. Neptune here will further the public's interest in the intuitive arts and produce more movies and television shows highlighting mediums, psychics, vampires, etc.

Mercury will be retrograde from March 12 to April 4th at the same time Mars will be in retro. With Mercury in Mar's sign of Aries it would not traditionally favor surgeries or risky endeavors that involve cutting or speed.

Those born into the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will find themselves having to balance the past with the future. These native will need to prioritize and pay attention to their commitments. This is a time to simplify and focus on establishing greater stability.

ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT BALANCE: Make a list of 9 things you want to manifest, put it away and forget about it, pull it out in August and be amazed. A regular exercise regimen can do wonders for you energy.

Those born into the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are being encouraged to open up to new ways of relating, and to let go of planning every moment, in favor of staying present to power of now . This is a time to explore new avenues of inspiration and spontaneity.

ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT BALANCE: Turn up the tunes and DANCE. Go online and investigate new music and artists. Take music or dance lessons. Invite more sensuality into your life.

The individuals born into the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, may need to channel the influx of energy that is ampig up their world. Be aware that the winter months may introduce a level of perfectionism and a desire to accomplish more than usual, or lead to frustration as expectations are not met.

Activities THAT SUPPORT BALANCE: If you have wanted to begin a new dietary or exercise regimen this is the time. Be discriminating, know what works for you but stay open to new information. Craft orientated activities whether weaving or woodworking, etc. can do wonders for peace of mind.