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The Sun (Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot)The Sun card on the Tree of Life connects Hod with Yesod and represents the Hebraic letter Resh. It is the influx of the Pattern - the Definition - of one's self into the Machine of the Whole individual. This card in the Thoth deck beautifully illustrates the constellations surrounding the Sun-lit Self.

Consider a unique aspect of the Whole seeking to express itself in the realm of Time and Space. It ventures out of the Not and is described on the Tree of Life as Ain, Not. There is no other way to define the Original Source because it is not in our realm of knowing. Even naming it Not removes it from the Original Source and places it in the Ain Soph, or the 'Not Defined'. This contradiction in terms, this conundrum, of defining that which cannot be defined immediately creates the answer to the contradiction, The Ain Soph Aur, Limitless Light - or more correctly The Not Defined Light. Light is that which facilitates perception. The Sun is representative of the Self because the Individual Self is the light by which the Whole can perceive itself.

This unique aspect enters the second Sephera - Chokmah, whose Mundane Chakra is Mazloth, the Zodiac. It coalesces in that swirling soup of potential at a point that can be identified by the configuration of the constellations. These energy patterns shape the outer shell of the life's seed that will be planted in the fertile soil of Yetzerah to ultimately bloom in Malkuth. Beth, with the value of 2, represents Reproduction. The unique aspect seeks to reproduce its essence in the realm of time and space. Koph - 20, means Seed and is this reproduction in the level of action. Resh - 200, represents Movement and is the sprout born of the seed. Notice in the card the two figures dancing. One is the original Yearning to be Realized and the other is the Realization; one is the Self and the other is the Knowing of the Self. The little Seeds at the feet of the Dancers contain a child in each. The Zodiac shapes the empty vessel that is the Seed and the newborn Self fills it like an embryo filling a womb.

And Movement is the Dance.

This brings to light that each individual is both a noun and a verb, both a thing and an action. You are You because of what you Do. Not just the action of a physical body moving through time and space but the movement of energy through neighboring energies and thoughts through the aether. We are Action and resemble, more than anything, the Primum Mobil.