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The beauty of Venus and Jupiter's conjunction in the evening sky inspires all of us to stop and breathe in the promise of spring. Now that Neptune has moved into gentle Pisces, we all want to experience more revere and enchantment in our daily lives. As Uranus, the planet of awakening moves through the pioneering sign of Aries we also cannot help but feel the urgency that something is about to be born. These are amazing times as humans wake up to their potential as beings of consciousness and spirit. The creative possibilities are endless. What we focus on manifests, and how we choose to deal with what manifests determines our future…what will be birthed. At the spring equinox the days and nights are of equal duration, with the Sun crossing the equator and returning to the northern hemisphere. It now leaves the sign of dream weaving, Pisces, and enters Aries, a sign of action and passion. The visions and longings that surfaced over the dark winter months now have energy of their own and we are motivated to take action or we will let them remain in our subconscious until the coming autumn.

The equinox chart is traditionally considered the indicator for the season ahead. In our present chart for spring the featured planets, Mercury and Mars, are both retrograde AND in mutual reception aka residing in each other's signs. This creates a more thoughtful discerning kind of dynamic; slowing the fiery action orientated Arian energies. With the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus, all joined in Aries; the muting of these combustible energies could be a blessing but also supportive of the status quo. For some of us this can create a level of frustration as the ‘hurry up and wait’ circumstance is easier for some to accept than others. Be-aware that planets in retrograde, as Mercury and Mars are presently until April 13th, can lead to errors in judgment, particularly in communications, contractual matters, mechanical matters, travels, and in the purchasing of appliances, cars, and computers. Mechanical mayhem at the office could have copy machines, printers and computers acting in unpredictable ways.

The emphasis of planets in the earth signs encourages us to be more practical in our approach to manifesting our worldly goals. Discipline, discernment, perseverance, and patience are the keys to earth sign success. These signs are also associated with over spending, over commitment, over consumption, and over compensation, as we try to please, and / or manage, everyone at our own expense. Mars in the sign of Virgo squaring the Moon's nodes can predispose us to clashes related to personal ‘truth’. These can occur on many levels, within our private lives, our professional life, or on a community and global level. The flip side is that they can also make us aware of the diversity of ‘truths’ and expand our understanding of other's beliefs. The opportunity to become more environmentally conscious and pro-active is present with the dominance of the powerful earth trine. This is a wonderful time to incorporate activities that can transform our personal world such as, a healthy diet, exercise, organizing ones home or office, producing or acquiring items of usefulness.

Those born into the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will find themselves having to balance the past with the future. These natives will need to prioritize and pay attention to their commitments. This is a time to simplify and focus on establishing greater stability.
ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT BALANCE: A regular exercise regimen is highly recommended. Take up a new sport that allows for a competitive outlet. Spend time in the outdoors. Mediation, yoga, massage, and hikes in nature will provide clarity.

Those born into the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are being encouraged to open up to new ways of relating, and to let go of planning every moment, in favor of staying present to power of now . This is a time to explore new avenues of inspiration and spontaneity.
ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT BALANCE: Travel and a degree of risk taking is favored for you now. Go where you can meet new people. Take a class. Visit some places you have never been to before. Explore, explore, explore!

The individuals born into the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, may need to channel the influx of energy that is amping up their world. Be aware that the desire to accomplish more than usual can lead to frustration as expectations are not met.
ACTIVIEIS THAT SUPPORT BALANCE: If you have wanted to begin a new dietary or exercise regimen this is the time. Be discriminating, know what works for you but stay open to new information. Craft orientated activities whether weaving or woodworking, etc. can do wonders for peace of mind.