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Skyscene December 2011

December 10: Total Eclipse of the Moon (Full Moon) at 18.11 Gemini beginning at 4:33 am MST.

Where the Moon's eclipse occurs in your natal chart indicates the area of your life that is in the process of being changed. Eclipses often occur in your same 'Life Experience House' for several consecutive years, allowing the process of change to be fully incorporated. This eclipse happens in the sign of Gemini with the Sun's energy radiating from Sagittarius. These two signs affect our thinking, opinions, and communications. Both signs are restless and associated with travel and the expansion of understanding. During this period the need to share ones ideas or make changes, may feel blocked by practical or worldly considerations. We may find our desire to communicate an idea blocked by another's beliefs or limiting opinions on the subject. The new year is a better time for serious communications.

This Lunar eclipse in the traveling and storytelling signs of Sagittarius and Gemini reminds us to pay attention to our words and the stories we tell ourselves and others. What are the roads we find our thoughts traveling down? What do they support? Mercury the planet that rules Gemini, essentially its CEO, is moving in retrograde motion until 12/14. This planetary position requires that we take time to reconsider and reformulate our thinking on key subjects. These cycles are excellent for reconnecting with those who stimulate our thinking and open us to new visions.

During the Sun's cycle through Sag it is also good to honor and thank those individuals who have challenged us to think and live outside the boxes we create for ourselves. The key to success in using the eclipse and retrograde cycle is detachment from old patterns and the willingness and openness to accept the new (and better!(. Once the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn on 12/22 we can expect a more progressive response to new information.

The Capricorn New Moon occurring on 12/24 is opening the doors of transformation and expansion into a new world concept. Our inner world as well as our outer world is in the process of realignment. We will find ourselves aligning with those who energize us, while abruptly, at times, moving away from those who deplete our energy levels. Practicality and discernment will be key to success in the months ahead. The focus is on expanding financial and professional resources. Experimentation is not so favored at this time, as we will be more prone to the tried and true. Yet using what we know works in new ways is favored.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius

Sagittarius: November 21st - December 21st

Sagittarius, represented in the zodiac by the centaur, a half man and a half horse, are commonly seen in Greek mythology. They possesses a gentle, honorable nature along with an exuberant take on life. This enthusiasm is usually contagious and makes this sign a popular friend. Sags are generally known for their trustworthiness, honesty and have a track record of keeping their word even during adversity. In the year 2012, most lucky Sagittarians are in for an exciting time.

The inquisitive nature of Sagittarians causes them to love exploring and experimenting with new things and ideas, making them quite knowledgeable on a wide variety of fascinating subjects. Relationships will blossom this year especially in social settings Sagittarius has a sunny outlook that all of us appreciate. Travel and perhaps more education will be on the horizon in 2012.

2012 can bring opportunities for recognition from colleagues as well as in the social sector, particularly this summer. Older wiser individuals can provide needed objectivity and advice this year. Listen well.

Sagittarius' talents and hard work could receive praise over the next year. During the first three months of 2012 openness to new ideas can lead personal projects to success. Frustrations within the career sector if handled with discernment will give way to partnership opportunities later in 2012 as well as possible financial rewards. With patience and perseverance 2012 can bring many wonderful events into the lives of these Sun sign individuals.