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Rei (Universal) Ki (Energy)

Living creatures are like snowflakes - no two are alike. I have been honored and blessed several times over at sharing Reiki with many clients all of whom have been lovely individual snowflakes. All had different physical bodies, different emotional bodies and different energetic bodies with one thing in common - an intention for self-healing through Reiki. I want to share with you a composite theoretical picture made up from just a few of my clients so that you might see how Reiki works below the surface and with these different layers of bodies.

One other key difference underneath the physical body is each individual's body's response to Reiki. Because each physical body is unique Reiki is going to be processed differently by the body itself. Take the example of two people with painful right arms injured in falls 2 months ago. You might think that Reiki would be applied by the body similar to a physical band-aid because all things seem equal, right? Not necessarily because Reiki will go where it's needed most - so let's delve underneath the surface. Person A might have been rushing to get to work and took a shortcut through a patch of ice. The resulting fall might have caused them to miss an important meeting at work and as they were already on thin ice (my apologies for the pun) with the boss they received a demotion in pay.

I know, sounds extreme - but you never know with life. Person B on the other hand might have been ice skating indoors with their kids for the first time in years and got knocked over by the cute teen couple holding hands and not looking where they were going. An accident, pure and simple. Most definitely the emotional trauma underlying Person A's fall seems to be dramatically different than the accident that occurred with Person B. That will significantly alter how Reiki is both received and processed by the body - in this case perhaps mostly on an emotional level with Person A and perhaps mostly on a physical level with Person B. I say "perhaps" because other pieces of information may come forward to change this process even further and on a deeper level.

Because the body holds a memory of physical, emotional and mental trauma incurred through a lifetime there may well be extenuating circumstances with Person A or B that helps or hinders the body's ability to self-heal. Perhaps Person B (skating accident) suffered a similar fall 15 years ago when they were 10 years old while skating outside on a lake that was starting to thaw. Person B fell through the ice and had to be rescued by the local fire department. Even though the environment within which Person B hurt their arm again is obviously different (an indoor skating rink) the body will definitely remember the first trauma and relate it to the new fall - whether consciously desired by Person B or not. The overriding issue then becomes one of if the body is given the opportunity for self-healing how is that going to occur?

To me, it is a complex issue versus an issue that is complicated. The wisdom of the body takes over at this point and will direct the healing energy to the place - physical, mental or emotional - that the body determines needs it the most. Think of the last time you got something as slight as a paper cut on your hand or something as significant as undergoing heart by-pass surgery. After the initial injury and attempt at repair (surgery, band-aid etc.) of one thing I am certain - you did NOT have to tell your body to heal itself. That happened without your thinking anything at all except perhaps that you had an intention to be well. It is at this very same point that Reiki will focus as it works with your body's self-healing mechanism on whatever level is needed for the most healing to occur. You and your mind, quite frankly, are just along for the ride to health, wellness and vitality. And that's a ride, gentle reader, that everyone can take every single day of their life - you just need the intention for it to be so.