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(Another Chicken and the Egg Predicament)

I'm thinking of the line we've all heard at some point in our lives - "It's not you, really - it's me". These words are typically used during a challenging situation when one person is attempting to alleviate the burden of emotional responsibility for another person. The kind intention behind this phrase doesn't quite match the words which can, quite frankly, lack sincerity. One is left wondering whether in fact the speaker is being honest with themselves and thus the other person involved. Regardless of your personal experience with the above phrase, I offer it now with the utmost sincerity and honesty if I've had either the privilege of sharing the experience of Reiki with you or will be sharing it with you in the near future. Only I'm going to switch the words around on you a bit:

It IS you, really - it's NOT me.

I've received reports from numerous Reiki recipients of my warm hands feeling so good on their cooler body parts. Sometimes it's feet or hands, other times it's the small of the back or between the shoulder blades. This warmth can be both remarkably powerful and remarkably humbling because it becomes apparent that in mere seconds the human body has the capacity to generate considerable heat. There have also been the comments of a sore or painful area of the body being initially warm to my touch and becoming much warmer only to cool down just as quickly. Let's also throw into this mix reports that although my hands got warmer fast during a Reiki session they certainly were on the cool side to begin with. And there are also reports that my hands stayed merely lukewarm during the entire session. Finally, most everyone has said that each experience with Reiki was different and better than the last session indicating the body's ability to sustain self-healing energy - it just needs access to the source. Here are some things to consider when pondering this issue:

My own body temperature does run on the cool side - 96.8 is my typical body temperature - and I also tend to have cool hands and definitely cold feet. So from where does all of this heat in my hands come? And how is it possible that my warm hands could touch a human body and have such a profound effect so quickly? The very simple answer to this question is that I have been attuned to Reiki energy by another Reiki Master - yes, that's my final answer. The true gift of a Reiki attunement no matter what level is that one's own body and hands have exactly the same response when Reiki is given to oneself. For me, that's on a daily basis. More on this life path transformation later.

Think of Reiki as the outlet on the wall into which you plug your favorite machine - your body. My hands and I are the electrical cord that runs between your body and the Reiki outlet facilitating the current of energy from the outlet - in this case, universal life energy that flows in abundance from the Universe. In effect, I am not generating any warmth from my own body; rather I am letting the energy of Reiki flow through me and my hands into your body. Fine, you say - but that doesn't explain how my own body gets so warm sometimes in a very short period of time. AHA!, I exclaim - you're absolutely right! Remember the saying: "It IS you, really - it's NOT me."

Your physical body is responding - sometimes in very profound ways - to the Reiki energy that my hands conduct. Your physical body is the originator of the self-healing energy it needs in order to be healthy and vital. When your body finds the energy source from which it needs to replenish itself in the form of Reiki there is going to be response of some kind with heat being the most typical. Other responses include a tingling over your entire body, waves of warmth and energy washing over your entire body and an ever-so-slight out-of-body feeling. Your body's physical response to this energy is what causes my hands to become warm as the conductor of this energy. Heat represents healing as oxygenated blood is brought to the area that is temporarily imbalanced and then all kinds of physiological responses take place, many of which have been measured through research about the effects of Reiki on the human body. The immune system is revitalized, blood pressure is lowered, and brain functioning becomes clearer. When my hands as the cord to the Reiki outlet energy come into contact with a request for self-healing from your body - well, like any machine plugged into the appropriate form of energy overall functioning is going to start to run more smoothly. Certain physical "machine parts" be they muscles, joints, or organs are going to become more balanced. In addition, if your particular issue is of an emotional nature you will find that the solution to your issue is discovered or made apparent to you as if it was there all along. You will reach new depths of understanding about yourself and the situation that is troubling you because Reiki always goes to where it's needed most based on the individual's spiritual development at that point in time. This all happens because your body, in its miraculous wisdom, recognizes the universal life energy that it's been seeking - sometimes for a long time. it's no wonder that the response is significant because the human body was made to perform well and to be in harmony with itself and its surrounding environment.

The remaining issue of lukewarm hands and body I invite you to view with love and compassion for yourself and your particular situation. It could be that you are not ready to let go of whatever issue it is that is troubling you - that is your choice and I support your choices completely because they are yours to make. Life lessons come in many forms and whenever you determine you are ready to release and move forward Reiki will find its way into your life. Most certainly, the mind's intention about letting go of an issue is at the core here as the mind ultimately controls and can override the body's responses to Reiki. You and I can plug ourselves into Reiki and unless your intention is set for self-healing on a deep and committed level your body and my hands will remain lukewarm. I cannot force Reiki on anyone as that runs counter to the principles of Reiki and my own self-healing intention every time I act as a facilitator for Reiki energy. Plus, we're not seeking self-healing for my body - we are seeking it for yours.

If, however, you are ready to take your self-healing to a new and deeper level I invite you to consider Reiki Level 1 attunement. Those individuals who have received multiple Reiki sessions have already experienced the deepening of sustainable energy of which the body is capable with each session being different and better than the previous one. This is exactly what being attuned to Reiki is like - the body learns how to efficiently and effectively use the self-healing energy it receives and to become a conductor of this energy for others. This is the life path transformation part I mentioned earlier.

The initiations into Reiki levels work from the outside in - thus on the first level the focus is on self-healing in the physical form - the body. What other self-healing modality allows the practitioner to heal themselves in exactly the same way that they are facilitating self-healing for others? I believe Reiki is unique in this area and it has allowed me to transform my self-healing to a level that has made a significant difference in my life. it's not necessary for you to make Reiki part of your career path as the riches of attunement can be applied in all areas of your personal life. Think of it as your own energy lotion that you can apply for not only your highest good but for the highest good of all involved who are receiving Reiki from you. The list of possible recipients of this self-healing energy is endless: your animal companions (my most favorite Reiki recipients), plants, food, machines, situations at work or home, relationships...We are all made of energy so the opportunity for Reiki is literally everywhere. Here are some questions and answers to consider when evaluating whether attunement to Reiki is for you:

Does it hurt to be attuned to Reiki?

No J- sometimes there is a physical response to the attunement such as your hands becoming warm or feeling energy pass through you and sometimes the effect is very subtle. it's most like receiving Reiki from a Reiki practitioner and I respectfully request that if you are considering Reiki attunement and you and I haven't shared Reiki that you sign up for a free initial session with me.

Can I hurt anyone by giving them Reiki?

No J- remember, as universal life force energy Reiki is about balance. Whatever that individual needs in order to be in balance based on their spiritual development at that point in time is the amount of Reiki they will receive - never more, never less.

What affects will I notice by receiving a Reiki attunement?

For each level of Reiki attunement there is a self-healing process that happens. Up to 21 days after the attunement on the physical level, for instance, you may notice your body purging itself of imbalances that you no longer need. Again, as you are an individual this will vary from subtle to profound. Then you are on your way to deep self-healing at the very least.

Why is there a cost for Reiki attunement?

Because Reiki is about balance as energy is put forth in doing the attunement and education for becoming attuned the universe requires an equitable exchange of return energy. In our culture that energy takes the form of money the same way that it does for yoga classes.

How long before I can be attuned to Reiki Level 2?

I recommend a minimum of 30 days - or every month - before attempting the next level of Reiki. The physical body needs that amount of time to readjust to the new flow of energy that it's receiving.

Does this mean I can't have additional Reiki sessions?

Absolutely not! J Becoming attuned is one of your life's choices that I completely support and doesn't exempt you from having all the Reiki you'd like. In fact, some of the most wonderful sessions I've had myself are from other Reiki practitioners. Because we're both attuned to Reiki the energy flow has been that much more dynamic and the effects that much more far-reaching.