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I am fortunate enough to be able to share the self-healing energy of Reiki not only with humans but also with animals. If I may share a secret, gentle reader - animals are far easier to work with than humans. They live moment to moment, completely aware of themselves in each moment never giving a second thought - literally - to their essence in that moment.

This is the ability that all Reiki practitioners love to experience as they share self-healing energy with whoever their recipient is at the time. It is the thinking mind of humans that can mute or block the body's ability (and essence) to draw in the Universal life energy with which the body replenishes itself. It quickly becomes clear during a human Reiki session if the individual on my table is using their mind for other than forming a simple intention for self-healing. The individual's body doesn't become as warm as it can and consequently my hands stay on the cool side relative to my low body temperature. The energy flow as well feels sticky - like honey that I have to slowly move through in order to facilitate Reiki. It might be a grocery list or a project that's due at work that is being mentally contemplated. The context of the thoughts doesn't really matter. What's important is that the mind - the all-powerful mind - is in control of the body at this point.

That is one of the mind's jobs, after all. To direct the body in its continuous actions by sending out electrical impulses via the brain to various parts of the body. There is a time, however, when - upon simple request by the human in charge of the mind - the mind can release its temporary hold on the body and allow the body's wisdom to facilitate the wondrous self-healing energy that is Reiki.

It's not that animals don't have a mind - they do as many guardians of animal companions can attest to when undertaking something like dog obedience training. They all have intellect which varies from breed to breed and species to species. And as an animal communicator I can personally attest to their distinct personalities and temperaments that make them all unique - just as all humans are unique.

Unlike humans, the physical essence of the animal remains more closely integrated with self-healing. I honestly don't know if that in the grand scheme of things a trade-off was sanctioned by the ancestors of animals in foregoing a reasoning mind similar to humans in exchange for remaining true to their instinctive nature and physical bodies. Sometimes it does seem as if having a dog or cat's life - sleeping, eating, and playing - would be a grand and glorious thing for me to experience. Likewise, I'm sure there are animals out there - domesticated and wild - who would enjoy a respite from their place in the prey vs. predator food chain.

And whether or not an animal has been brought under the control of humans or raised that way doesn't alter their nature of being masterful at receiving Reiki. All it takes to start a strong self-healing energy flow going is for the practitioner to offer Reiki to the animal with an attached blessing for healing love and compassion - this last is my own personal one. I've not often had Reiki refused by an animal no matter their state of health. Healthy, ill, injured or recovering from surgery, Reiki has been offered and accepted many times by many different animals. The effects are the same as for humans: the animal typically relaxes and may even fall asleep. Their intervals of tolerance for Reiki are also more often than humans. An animal may take 10-15 minutes of Reiki only to wake up, shake off the excess accumulated energy, walk around for a bit, get a drink of water and then settle in for more Reiki.

The occasions where Reiki didn't begin to flow after an offer to an animal recipient were due to my difficulty in locating the life force energy of that animal. Sometimes it happens that an animal is gravely ill and perhaps beginning to transition to the spirit world. The life force energy that all living creatures have may be at an ebbing point versus a flowing point in a natural ebb and flow state. When this occurs I continue to offer Reiki for whatever purpose the animal chooses - to stay or to transition as support for either can be facilitated with Reiki.

To describe a Reiki connection with an animal is to imagine what it's like to be riding an energetic rainbow whose colors are filled with such depth and clarity that they seem endless. And indeed, life force energy is limitless - a lesson from our animal companions that I'm certain is offered with compassion and unconditional love. I hope, gentle reader, that the next time you have an opportunity to share Reiki with a practitioner this lesson from our animals might support you as you disengage your mind just for awhile. Let the miracle that is your body's wisdom bring you home to a place of peace, harmony and well-being.

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