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  Another lofty tome from the brilliant author. A practical how-to guide to integrating higher consciousness into everyday life.

Publishers Marketing:  Every so often, a new system of magick is presented. All of them seem to have certain things in common. Most often, their primary feature is a rejection of the past and an exclusion of things that don't fit into the model the creator of the new system is presenting. More than a century ago, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn did just the opposite. They incorporated many traditions into their workings. As a result, they have become one of the most important and famous magickal groups.

Since that time, even more discoveries of our past have been unearthed, as have new scientific and psychological information. Slowly, an underground movement that incorporates and unites all of these spiritual systems and scientific information has evolved. It's known as Ascension Spirituality and its practitioners are called Lightworkers. Followers have obtained bits and pieces of this system from various teachers and books. Now, Christopher Penczak has united all of this information into a single resource book. Ascension Magick is nothing less than the guidebook to the spirituality and magick of the next age of humanity.

History Theory Practice
Filled with nearly 85 explanatory charts and figures, as well as almost 30 practical exercises, there is no way to describe everything in this amazing book. It begins by describing ascension as a synthesis of world wisdom. It incorporates mysticism from the pagan civilizations, particularly Egypt and Greece, with Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist thought, with a bit of shamanism and holistic medicine thrown into the mix. Penczak traces its development through official history and the forbidden histories of Lemuria and Atlantis. He shows how it developed over time and the groups and beliefs that are now part of ascension, from ancient Egypt to Theosophy, Edgar Cayce, Neopaganism and advanced science.

Next, the book discusses basic spiritual laws such as the principles of polarity, vibration and correspondence. It covers the Kabalistic Tree of Life and our multidimensional universe. It looks at the seven rays and the ascended masters and extraterrestrials.

And always, throughout the book, you will find practical information and techniques you can use, including:

  • Basic meditation
  • Working with dreams
  • Protection with Archangel Michael
  • Visiting the Faery Realm
  • Petition Spells
  • Meeting your healing guide
  • Chakra balancing
  • Merkaba meditation and activation

All of this and more barely scratches the surface of everything you'll find in Ascension Magick

Spiritual Resources for the New Aeon
iteral ascension means the literal shift of your body and soul from this physical plane of existence to another plane of reality. It is one of the most prevalent belief systems in the Lightworker network. This loosely knit, informal and powerful network is open to anyone. You can work with part of the techniques in this book or all of them. You can adopt some or all of the theory and philosophy. You can learn how to work with past life regression, channeling, dowsing, reincarnation, spellwork, energy healing and magick. Not since Regardie's The Golden Dawn has so much
information from so many sources been combined into one practical manual of philosophy, history, science and magick. It is the path of the future. You do not want to be left behind in the spiritual evolution of the planet. That's why you must get Ascension Magick.

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